Interior decorator tips and ideas: Buying a leather sofa

A leather sofa and your home interior.

How do you select a high-quality leather sofa? Does leather stretch with age? How should a leather sofa be cared for and cleaned? Here are some expert recommendations for successful leather sofa buying.

Consider what the leather sofa will be used for and what it must withstand.

The durability of furniture in a home with two adults is lower than in a family with children or pets. Also, does your family eat on the couch? The quality and color of the leather should be chosen based on how the furniture will be used.

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You can choose luxurious aniline leather if the sofa is not subject to heavy wear.

The most sumptuous, softest, and thickest leather is aniline. It has just been lightly treated, and its surface is porous. As a result, it is the most susceptible to filth and requires the greatest care of all leather types. Aniline leather is appropriate for a couch in the living room, for example, for a family that does not eat on the sofa – or tolerates the traces of life well.

Semi-aniline leather is a good choice if the sofa needs to withstand some wear and tear.

Semi-aniline leather is an excellent choice if you want soft leather, but the furniture must tolerate damage, such as from little children. It has been somewhat treated, so the surface is less sensitive to dirt.

Remember that leather is a natural product.

When shopping for a leather sofa, keep in mind that leather is a natural commodity that is always unique. Although the sofas are made of high-quality leather, they may contain scars, indications of mosquito bites, or color patches.

Decide whether you want a relaxed or a dignified leather sofa.

In use, the leather always stretches. Choose thick leather and furniture with densely filled cushions if you want the leather to stay as pink and neat as possible. If you prefer a more relaxed look and don’t mind the stretching of the leather, you might look into couches that are easier to sit on and have thin leather.

Consider where you will place the leather sofa at home.

Leather furniture should not be placed near radiators or fireplaces since the heat will dry out and degrade the leather surface. The radiator and the leather furniture should be separated by at least 20-30 cm. The sunshine coming in through the windows may also degrade the leather.

A leather sofa is a low-maintenance piece of furniture, but it’s still worth spending some time on it. The leather retains its flexibility and color the best when cleaned and protected twice a year with leather-specific products. If a stain or discoloration appears on your leather furniture, it should be removed as quickly as possible.

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