Smart tricks for a small living room to appear more spacious

A small living room is a real challenge when it comes to furnishing and decorating, but not impossible to do it when you know several guidelines.

Lack of space is indeed never fun!

With a small space you can easily overcrowd and clutter the living room with furniture, plants, and decorative accessories.

With a few smart tricks, you can achieve a beautiful home interior practical, functional, and aesthetical looking.

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1. Get rid of the massive furniture pieces

We all, own all furniture we don’t want to replace it – whether it’s grandmother’s antique chest of drawers or a massive and large outdated sofa with a comfortable shape. But sometimes, it can really help to replace the old furniture with a light one even if you need to renounce to memories.

2. Rethink your coffee table

Let’s be honest! How many times you use your coffee table just as a simple footstool?

Without a traditional and large coffee table you will more space in your living room and at the same time it will open up the room. For example, you can replace a big coffee table with a much smaller one, or you can choose a “ghost” coffee table in acrylic or glass, which is almost invisible in the decor. Or much better you can use an alternative such an ottoman as a coffee table.

3. Manage the decorative accessories

Most of us love to have a lot of decorative accessories, but unfortunately, they can easily give an impression of a cluttered space becoming messy and overwhelming in a small living room space. So, limit yourself to just several decorative accessories. If you get your figurines, plants, candlesticks, boxes, pictures, jars, vases, and decorative pillows sorted and you only keep a few simple things, it will certainly result in both light and more space.

4. Bright, vivid colors

Yes, it is well-known that light colors make things to look bigger and dark colors make things to look smaller, but this rule doesn’t apply when you have to decorate your small living room.

White ceilings and walls are a good base, but you also can choose to paint the walls in other light colors such as neutrals light gray or beige.

It can also help if you prefer to choose just furniture pieces in light colors.

5. Modern wallpapered walls

You can easily include a striking patterned accent wall in the décor of your small living room but under several conditions.

Be sure to wallpaper the window wall not another wall. In this way, the pattern of the wallpaper is not too bold and in striking contrast with the rest of the decor.

6. Replace the traditional doors with glass doors

Are there one or more traditional wooden doors between your small living room and the rest of your home? It is a really good idea to replace them with glass doors. It helps both to make the space less confined and let the light flow through them to the rest pf your home. They are also look classy and nice in your home interior.

7. Choose slim, lightweight, and light-legged furniture

Choose slim furniture whenever it is possible. It also gives the illusion of more and larger space.

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