Kitchen decor mistakes to avoid – functional and aesthetic decor

Kitchen decor mistakes to avoid if you want a functional and aesthetic kitchen.

In many homes, the kitchen serves as both the hub and the most significant space. It’s not as simple as it would seem to design a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically beautiful. Many people make judgements they later regret when it comes to kitchen design because they are overly adventurous. When remodeling or redecorating a kitchen, you should strive to avoid making any blunders with the appliances. Check out our article on kitchen decoration for some typical pitfalls to avoid.

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Kitchen lighting

Perhaps the most neglected aspect of a kitchen is the lighting. Designers all too frequently only employ one substantial ceiling light. A well-lit kitchen prevents you from having to work or prepare food in the shade and enhances the room’s appeal to visitors. You should install several levels of useful and fashionable lighting, such as B. Handmade pendant lights over the kitchen island combined with recessed lights underneath the cabinets.

Too much color in the kitchen.

Of course, adding color to your kitchen may be lively and joyful. However, it’s best to use color sparingly, like with anything. You don’t want to have a rainbow of incongruous colors all over your design. It’s preferable to keep your kitchen largely neutral with a few colorful accents. The accents become distinctive without being overpowering in this way.

Ultra-deep kitchen cabinets

One of the biggest kitchen decors mistakes a homeowner can make is that the cabinets are just too deep. While plenty of storage space is a gift that comes over and over again, it’s likely that devices will gather dust at the back of the closet. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make the most of those deep closets. Add pull-out shelves to your base cabinets so you can fully expand your viewing storage space. This makes it easy to find items that might be hidden in the back of the closet.

Black or white home appliances?!

When new, white smartphones look fantastic. However, after a year, your sparkling white electronics are tarnished and dingy rather than immaculate. They actually are just as nasty if not worse if you use black ones, so don’t even consider doing that. White devices not only display dust and grime in every speck, but they also frequently become stained and discolored with use. Therefore, invest a little more money the next time you need to buy a new item and choose one made of stainless steel. These days, possibilities are even more reasonably priced! make sure the devices are in sync; otherwise, it will seem exactly as dated as the old white devices.

Tiled countertops

The grout looks fantastic until it abruptly changes color to muck due to normal kitchen wear and tear. Countertops made of tiles simply lose their appeal over time. Additionally, cooking chores like rolling out dough are practically impossible while using tiles! These tiles will undoubtedly fracture and peel over time, ruining your countertop.

Countertop clutter

Every home cook is aware that a variety of food processors, blenders, and pressure cookers are used to create every delicious dish. The issue? They might occupy useful space. Nothing makes a countertop look more disorganized than a row of little appliances taking up the entire surface. The answer? Locate a location to keep all of your equipment when not in use. Make eye-catching garages with outlets so you may use the tiny appliance immediately and shut the door when you’re finished.

Marble countertops – no longer trendy

Most likely, museum-quality marble has no place in your house! An iconic stone that once denoted status was marble. Nowadays, everyone aspires to have a marble appearance, even if it means using faux marble. You are aware of what transpires when something exclusive becomes popular? It will be affordable. It turns out that some people believe marble to be a particularly stylish material. Choose something original that has never been done before. Do you desire seclusion? Then marble is absolutely not what you desire.

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