Counter Clutter? – Make Space with a Kitchen Cart

If your kitchen is small and you would like to cook, then you might want to look into getting a kitchen cart. Maybe it is surprising to note that many people are not acquainted with this piece of useful “furniture” that could enhance greatly the usability and look of the kitchen.

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These units are great because they provide you with essential counter space. And kitchen counter space is always at a premium.

Whether it’s a tiny apartment or a big house, there never seems to be enough of it.

A butcher block might work well in our space too. This is definitely something we’d use since your counter space is limited. Sometimes, you just need to feel like you have elbow room to cook.  But a butcher block table is an immobile piece of furniture and maybe there’s no room in the middle of your kitchen for a piece of furniture.

If you want to make space with a kitchen cart, know that there are an endless variety of them out there. From large carts that can serve as a kitchen island to smaller models that will tuck nicely in a corner when not in use, there’s a kitchen cart for nearly any chef. A kitchen island or kitchen cart can assist in storage and get items off your general counter area.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen island already built in, great! If not, you can either plan one and do some remodeling, or consider purchasing a kitchen cart to serve as an island. A mobile kitchen island is great for those who do not have room for a permanent island in their home.

You’ll get some great extra storage space and clear up your counter clutter. So, if you intend to use it mostly for storage, make sure you get a large one with a lot of storage space and compartments underneath.


The great advantage is that you can move it to other rooms should you need too. If you plan to have a party, all you need to do it throw a tablecloth over it and place appetizers or desserts on the surface.

You can use your kitchen cart as a mobile prep station. Use the cart to do all your prep work, and then roll it out to the barbecue where it can serve as a temporary cooking area.

The size of the cart you will be getting depends both on the space you have reserved for it and what you would be using it for. If you will place it next to an island, make sure that it is about the same height as the island, otherwise it might look esthetically awkward.

Kitchen carts come in many styles and shapes. Just on Amazon you have a huge number of styles to choose from! You should consider shape, color and material. Only, one little suggestion! All-wood carts and wood carts with granite or stainless steel tops are the best.