Learn How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Every room in a home (apartment / house) has different roles and functions for their successful fulfillment, but also it has its own “demanding” in terms of planning. These requirements are difficult to accomplish when we are dealing with small spaces.

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Bedroom Comfort

In particular, the bedroom should have priority in housing arrangement because is the room where we spend the most time in life, whether we sleep or relax. So, comfort is the first issue to be “checked” in decorating your bedroom.

A Small Bedroom

A small bedroom is indeed difficult to decorate, but with a little imagination, vision and practicality, it becomes more spacious than you think. And speaking of comfort, the bed is the main piece of furniture that should be considered.

Regardless of the number of people using the bed (one or two), its design must be minimalist and the materials for making it as easy as possible. It is excluded massive furniture with carved ornament that makes the room look smaller than it actually is.

Also it is not recommended positioning the bed in the room center, but closer to one of the walls to not waste space.

An effective alternative is that the bed is replaced with a quality futon (you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort) that you can rise when not in use. In this way, you can enjoy more space during the day, for example.

Folding bed can be considered only if there is the possibility of making a niche in the wall. Moreover, depending on the destination of the bedroom, you can choose suspended beds, especially if it is a room for children. The classic nightstands can be replaced with shelves. Thus, having an uncovered floor, you will feel like your bedroom is larger and more airy.

No matter how small would be room, the storage areas are required. Dressing is the most important storage space in a bedroom, but if the surface does not allow its installing, you need to find alternative solutions. Support hangers like those found in hotel rooms, is ideal in a small bedroom. Also, decorative boxes with unique designs are perfect for storing things that can be folded. Moreover, before purchasing a bed, consider a model with a box or one with a structure / frame high enough (a), so you can store under it your travel bags, shoe boxes, etc.

In a small room, the walls must be exploited to the maximum. Therefore, the vertical arrangement using overhead lighting furniture / shelf storage is an effective alternative to the detriment of traditional bookcase, which occupies a large area of the floor.

Also, finishes and accessories should not be forgotten. For example, the wallpaper is ideal for the bedroom, whether you choose a discrete pattern in pastel colors or a bold print, in which case you will apply it only on one of the walls to not create a hallucinatory effect in a small space.

Regardless of the color of the walls, the ceiling will remain white because any other color will “lower” and visually shrink the room.

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In terms of flooring, hardwood flooring is the recommended finish. Warmth and practical, hardwood flooring can be made ​​from a variety of wood types, depending on budget and preferences. But whatever your choice is, it should have a light color, preferably the same or at least similar to the rest of the house, to be continuity. A dark color would do nothing more than to delimit and to get even more out a small space.

Regarding the accessories, do not cover the window with heavy and opaque fabrics. Curtains must be open in color and slightly transparent to allow natural light to enter the room.