Moving and Relocation; What are the Pros and Cons?

  When you think of relocating, you will experience many emotions and depending on the reasons for moving, relocation may be seen as a positive or a negative process.

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1) Tough economic times, changing industries, and a lack of local opportunities can all force people to be more flexible with where they make their living.
2) People also, relocate often these days because of business relocation, or because of the promise of a better paying or more worthwhile job.

The choice to relocate is never an easy one, but in essence means uprooting a familiar life in favor of a perceived better outcome. However, before accepting a job offer in a new location, there are practical and personal factors you must investigate:

Benefits of Relocation

a) A new start in your life and more challenges; opportunities
b) Chance to explore a new component of the country or world
c) A better job and a higher salary
d) A better job for your spouse or more opportunities
e) Possible move to an area with a low cost of living
f) Better school systems, fewer laws, and a better quality of life
g) Chance to meet new friends
h) More appealing weather

Disadvantages of Relocation

a) The location may not be beautiful
b) Job could not turn out the way you hoped
c) It is stressful and exhausting (packing, unpacking); you may not feel comfortable placing your items in the hands of strangers.
d) The longer you live in an area, the more attached to it you will become.
e) Spouse will need to come across yet another job
f) Your new home may perhaps not be adequate
g) Total cost of moving; Moving can cost thousands of dollars; Many times it’s those unexpected costs that can add up and cause more stress.
h) Leaving friends and family

It is important to address your feelings about relocating to those around you because it is not only the physical relocation and the process that concerns you; it is the idea of starting all over again.

Traveling to the new location before you accept the job offer is a must. You might go once or twice for interviews, but plan to return again with family in tow to check out the real estate market, the neighborhoods, the quality of health care in the area, and what people do for recreation.

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