Light wood – the perfect floor for the living room

A beautiful floor option not only for Scandinavian style

Along with the always popular and trendy Scandinavian design style, light wood floors have become a common presence in our home interiors. All homeowners who have chosen them are more than happy with their choice, because these wonderful flooring options have so many advantages. And even if they are forced to change the living room decor, a light color wood floor will always be in their preferences.

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Floors – architectural elements supposed to serve for many years.

The floor, especially a wooden floor is one of those design elements that should serve us for many years. So, when it comes to choose the wood essence, we always need to pay attention to its durability. Also important is the timeless look, so that in the event of an interior design change, the floor should fit into the new living room decor.

Light wood in this respect has no equal among the other wooden floors. It fits perfectly in many design styles from bright, simple Scandinavian home interiors and modern minimalist living spaces to elegant living rooms in a traditional and classic style.

Think about it! Imagine repainting the living walls in dark colors and nuances such as navy blue or sage green. Surely a light wood color floor will emphasize their elegance and will not overwhelm the interior.

Wooden floors and especially light wood floors are also appreciated by those who want to break the boring look and coolness of a modern interior with rustic elements. A wooden floor will perfectly harmonize with an elegant furniture and design elements made of raw wood.

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