Tips for Using a Prefabricated Building Floor Frame Kit

A durable, good looking and affordable floor is of utmost importance for an outdoor building. One of the best and least expensive solutions is to install a “Prefabricated Building Floor Frame Kit” that will support your finished floor.

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Building Floor Frame Kit Applications

Prefabricated building Frame Kits are successfully used in many building structure types such as:

-Prefabricated Buildings
-Backyard Sheds
-Detached Garages
-Covered Patios

However, prefabricated building floor frame kits are not designed, nor suitable for house floors or basement floors.

Advantages and Types of Prefabricated Concrete Steps (

Site Preparation

A prefabricated floor frame kit cannot be installed prior to building construction. The area must be free of any content and leveled.

Generally, floor frame kits come in standard size. This is good to know when you measure the area.

A great advantage of prefabricated floor frame is that you can install it over any kind of substrate such as soil, gravel, sand or even grass.

Building Floor Frame Kit Installation

Installation of building floor frame kit is simple. In fact, it is easy installed using some fastening methods.

A floor frame kit has parts with synthetic and soft materials inside; others use screws to hold all the components together.

However, the best is to follow the installation instruction diagram.


When your building floor frame kit is in place, your outdoor construction has in fact, a metal base, a metal support network, like a giant grill.

Therefore, before installing your finished floor you need a plane smooth surface. You can create this surface laying and screwing down 5/8-inch plywood sheets.

This plywood will serve as base for your finish floor.