Magnets – Practical and Smart Ways to Use Them

Practical and smart ways to use magnets in your household

I think many times you have wondered if there are practical ways to use magnets in your household.

Please read this post and find how to use them.

You will be amazed by these simple but smart ideas.

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Protect your vacuum. Small pieces of metal, like bobby pins or paper clips, can harm your vacuum cleaner, when they are sucked into the bag. Attaching a strong magnet to the front of the vacuum, and it will grab any metal objects before they can do any damage.

Have a toolbox helper. There are situations when you can accidentally knock over nails or screws while you are working on a home project. Keep magnet in your toolbox to quickly round up the mess.

Stash a magnet in your desk. You can stash a magnet in your desk drawer to corral scattered paper clips and keep them all in one place.

Organize your bathroom. Glue magnets to the inside of your bathroom cabinets, and then use them to hold nail scissors or other metal beauty products. This way your supplies will always be quickly accessible.

Reuse free magnets. If you got a free magnet from your local business, personalize it by cutting out a family photo to fit over the surface then glue it on.

Keep snacks fresh. Use a magnet on either side of a folded-over-snack bag. It will seal it shut and keep things fresh.

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