Inside of a SCANDINAVIAN STYLE Apartment – sublime design in pastel colors

If you are looking for some inspiration to decorate your home in a minimalist and elegant way, you might want to check out this video from Grig Stamate – Interior Design Solutions. In this video, you will get a tour of a beautiful Scandinavian style apartment that features a sublime design in pastel colors.

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Inside of a SCANDINAVIAN STYLE Apartment – sublime design in pastel colors (video)

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The apartment is bright and airy, with an open space that brings living, dining, and kitchen together. The color scheme is mostly white, with some pastel accents that add warmth and charm.

The entrance is welcoming,with built-in closets that offer plenty of storage space. The walls are adorned with tasteful decorative accessories, such as ceramic vases, glass vases with flowers, mirrors, paintings, and books.

The living area is cozy and inviting, with a light grey sofa that contrasts with a faux zebra hide instead of an area rug. The sofa is decorated with colorful pillows, one of them in a matching light grey, another in a vibrant yellow, and another with a butterfly pattern. The butterfly motif is also present in the two black and white pictures that hang above the sofa. A round coffee table and a floor lamp complete the look.

The dining area is simple and elegant, with a white table and six ghost chairs that create a sense of spaciousness. The table is set with white dishes and silverware, and a faux fur is draped over one of the chairs for a touch of texture. A pendant light hangs above the table, adding some interest to the ceiling.

The kitchen is sleek and modern, with white cabinets, white backsplash, black countertop, and white appliances. The kitchen is integrated into the wall, saving space, and creating a seamless look. A small window lets in some natural light, and a plant adds some greenery.

The apartment has one bedroom, one kids’ room, and a small, enclosed balcony. The bedroom is small but cozy, with a queen-size bed with a white headrest and two tiny white nightstands. The bed is covered with a white duvet and a pastel blue throw. The nightstands have small table lamps that provide some ambient lighting, and a white curtain covers the window. The wall behind the bed has a geometric pattern that adds some dimension and interest.

The kids’ room is charming and playful, also in a white color palette.

The balcony is a small but lovely space.The balcony is enclosed with glass panels, allowing the natural light and the views to come in. The balcony is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

The bathroom is the only room that is not entirely white, but it still follows the Scandinavian style. The bathroom is small but functional, with a white sink, a white toilet, a white shower, and a whitewashing machine. The bathroom has some shelves and hooks that provide some storage and organization. The bathroom also has some plants and towels that add some color and freshness.


This apartment is a great example of how to achieve a Scandinavian style design in a small space. The apartment is bright, airy, spacious, and elegant, with a subtle use of pastel colors that create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere. The apartment is also practical and comfortable, with plenty of storage and functionality. The apartment is a perfect place to live and enjoy.

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