How to Remove Cigarette Smoke, Odors, Chemicals and Residues from Your Bedroom

If someone has been smoking in bedroom regularly for an extended period of time, the stench of nicotine will persists in the room damaging your health. Cigarette smoke affects and permeates in all your stuff, fabrics, drapes, furniture and even walls. Cleaning must be done thoroughly to remove all odors, chemicals and residues from the room.

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What You Need

Vacuum Cleaner; Alcohol; Paper Towels;
Disinfectant Wipes (Lysol); Microfiber Cloths; Febreeze; Plug-in Freshener;
Lemon Oil for furniture; Liquid Dish Detergent: Essential Oils;


Open the windows and keep them wide open during the cleaning. Turn on a fan to allow the air to circulate in the room.

Clean Your Home with “Magic” Solutions – Tips and Ideas (

Cleaning Tips

1. Vacuum Thoroughly

Use a scented carpet deodorizer and spray over the carpet.

Allow several hours for deodorizer to penetrate the carpet.

Vacuum thoroughly the floor, curtains, sofa, armchairs, etc.

When you have finished vacuuming, replace the vacuum cleaner bag with a new one and throw away the old one.

2. Wash all fabrics

Any kind of fabrics absorbs cigarette smoke.  In addition, the smoke absorbed, i.e. nicotine will remain impregnated in fabrics, and from there it get into your lungs.

“The yellow material” will cause a whole range of health problems for both you and your family.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to wash all fabrics such as beddings, curtains, drapes, rugs, closet clothes.

3. Spray the Mattress and Carpets with Febreeze

Spray your linen, your spare linens, mattress, and carpeting with the miraculous Febreeze. You will immediately feel the difference. It will freshen the air and it will reduce the heavy smell of nicotine.

4. Wash Windows
In time, a green yellowish oily is deposited on the glass surfaces of the windows.  Use paper towels dampened in alcohol to wash the windows. Add some drops of essential oils (peppermint, lavender or eucalyptus)

5. Wash the Walls
If your walls are painted use TSP or “Tri Sodium Phosphate” to clean the walls.

Prepare a solution of TSP and water. Use a sponge and wash thoroughly the walls.

NOTICE: Keep your windows wide open. Do not inhale TSP fumes.

If your bedroom is wall papered, you need to get off the wallpaper. Apply soapy water to the walls and the wallpaper will come off.

6. Clean the Furniture

First, wipe your furniture with a clean cloth.

Mix a solution of warm water and liquid dish detergent.

Use a sponge and carefully, and wash the entire furniture surface. Do not forget the inside of the cabinets and drawers. You will be surprised how much dirt can be accumulated. When your solution is dirty, throw it away and replace it with a new one.

Allow time to dry and wipe all the surfaces with a clean cloth dampened in undiluted alcohol. This will remove all the nicotine traces and will disinfect your furniture.

7. The Last Step

Make a solution from warm water and a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils.

Dampen a clean cloth in this solution.

Wipe again, all the furniture surfaces, walls, window frames, objects.

Plug in a Glade plug-in freshener.

NOTICE: Do not plug the Glade plug-in behind your bed. It can be a potential fire hazard.

Light scented candles.