Modern Asian Interior Design Style

A simple solution for decorating your house can be the Modern Asian style. Modern Asian style is used increasingly often in interior design due to elegant effect that it creates.

Normally, modern Asian style is quite picky and home d├ęcor should be applied only by a professional who knows perfectly the principles and rules of this style. However, hiring an interior designer can be quite costly, so I decided to present in this article a few secrets of modern Asian style.

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In this way, you can easily decorate your house using this elegant and at the same time exotic style, without the need to seek the services of a professional interior decorator.

Lets see the main components of this style.

Bamboo & Modern Asian Style

Bamboo is one of the plants most often used in Asian interior design and therefore its presence in modern Asian style is important and almost mandatory.

Lucky bamboo rods are placed, usually symmetrically on both sides of a thing that you want to highlight it, whether it is a painting, a sofa or a inside fountain.

Other Decorative Items

Any other decorative element that suggests closeness to nature is also welcome in modern Asian style to induce a state of tranquility, a state of Zen.

Dark Brown and White Color Combination

Another characteristic of modern Asian style is dark brown and white color combination.

This combination gives the room a touch of elegance and can be used in any room of the house, including the bathroom. In fact, for a modern Asian bath is necessary to adopt a minimalist design with horizontal lines straight. Corrugations and rounded corners are excluded completely.

Bed Canopy & Paper Lamps

And last but not least, to emphasize modern Asian style you can use a canopy for your bed in the bedroom. The material must be transparent, fluid and easy, and the light in the bedroom should be broadcast so that paper lamps are required.

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