Radiant Heating Panels – The Heating System of the Future

Radiant panels are an effective way to heat your house. Their durability and low power consumption make panels, be the heating system of the future.

Radiant Panel
Radiant Heating

So why not to use them for your own home?

Discover in this article what you should know about radiant heating panels.

Installing radiant panels inside the house offers many benefits. Although these panels are generally used in sports centers, warehousing facilities and production, they can be a wise heating option for your home.

Radiant panels have a high efficiency, long life up to 30 years and therapeutic effect qualities that recommend radiant panels as the ideal replacement of the regular boiler. Efficient and durable radiant heating panels are usually mounted in the room ceiling thus freeing up the valuable space of the walls. In addition, they are designed to fit perfectly in any standard suspended ceiling grid.

But let’s see some of the advantages of such a heating system.

Radiant Heating PanelsAn Economical Heating System

Acquisition of radiant panels is a wise and profitable investment decision. They convert about 99% of electrical energy into heat and consume far less than a boiler, an electric heater or a radiator of the same type.

In addition, the purchase and installation costs are lower than those posed by a boiler, not to mention a nearly nonexistent maintenance. This makes radiant panels, to be an economical option of heating.

Moreover, they have quite long lifespan, at least 30 years.

They Have a Therapeutic Effect

Radiant panels are also famous for the therapeutic effect that they have on the human body. The benefits of this type of heating are due to the positive influence exerted by infrared waves. Among other things, radiant panels are used successfully to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Also, the installation of radiant panels inside your home helps to reduce the risk of dampness and mold formation. In fact, more importantly, mold is not only unsightly; it is dangerous to your health.

How work radiant panels in this case?

By heating the walls and ceiling they eliminate condensation, thus removing the main cause of dampness.

Radiant Panels Are an Ecological Heating System

Low energy consumption is one of the environmental benefits of radiant panels.

To this is added also other important criteria: radiant panels do not produce toxic gases or air currents and does not consume oxygen. In addition, radiant panels do not use exhaustible fuels, but power a viable solution.

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