New Gadgets that Make Household Chores Easier

Technology is in continue progress and the gadgets manufacturers creates new and new all sorts of products designed to help you with the daily household chores.

Whether it’s a gadget that prepares your food while you are away, whether it is a vacuum cleaner that you do not have to handle it, you have to admit that the world of gadgets attracts you like a magnet and you give anything to buy items that help you save time and why not, to do the household chores for you.

Let’s see a top of the most exciting new gadgets for your home.

1. Discovery IQ Smart Oven

Are you very busy and have no time to cook?

Well, for you, have been invented Discovery IQ Smart Oven, which is a smart oven with Android device that cooks for you.

With the intuitive applications available for Smart Oven, you do not have to be an excellent chef to prepare tasty and sophisticated recipes. You do not have to do anything else than to find a recipe and to put in the oven the foods required by this recipe, and you are free to do something else with your time even to go for a walk. The smart oven makes itself all the settings required by the recipe and will prepare an excellent and healthy food.

Moreover, you can remotely monitor everything that happens in the oven and you will know when your meal is ready.

Perhaps the price of this oven is pretty steep (between $4,500 and $7,500), but you have to admit it’s worth if you want to own a piece of future technology.

2. Faucet with Motion Sensor

Faucet with motion sensor is an ingenious and extremely useful invention for people who use to do more things at once and have no free hands to open the tap.

This ingenious faucet was released during the event of the “Consumer Electronics Association (CES) 2013”, and allows you to start water simply by positioning the hand in front of a sensor. Water stops as soon as the sensor detects no movement, which means that you can save a significant amount of water, which makes this faucet also be an eco-friendly product.

3. “Moneual” Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Also at “Consumer Electronics Association (CES) 2013” , it was launched the robot vacuum cleaner that effectively cleans the house without you having to be around and manipulate it.

It is true that these vacuums of the future were also launched in the past years, but Moneual Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with many major improvements. The little robot vacuum and wipe the floor, including hard to reach places. One such gadget costs only, $ 400.

4. iWatchLife

iWatchLife is a gadget that lets you watch your home from anywhere, even if you went abroad. You just need an Internet connection and a device.

Set the area you want to watch and if something happens, you will receive a short notification on your cell phone. You can monitor your backyard, garden or a room of your home even when you’re away from home for an extended period of time.

5. The Smart Fridge

2013 is indeed a year of scientific and technological miracles. This year brings a super intelligent fridge on the consumer electronic market.

Let’s say you go shopping after work and look if you have milk in the fridge. Equipped with an LED screen, smart fridge, display all its contents directly on your cell phone. So you can easily see what food you have in your fridge and what is there left to buy, not to mention that this refrigerator warns you when a product approaches its expiration date, find recipes based on foods that you have in your fridge and make many other interesting tasks.

The price of such clever gadget is several thousand dollars.

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