How to Prevent Your Cat from Chewing Wires

Cables can be anytime a playing source for a cat, especially if it hangs, are visible or the only way of fun for feline. To wean your cat not to chew wires from the house requires ingenuity and determination on your part.

However, remember that if you will neglect this you will jeopardize your pet life. Therefore, just as a future parent of a small child, you must make sure that any risk is eliminated.

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Let’s see what you have to do:

1. Hide the wires from the cat way: First, take the cables from the cat way. You can catch them right on the baseboard of the wall and wrap them in a plastic tube that can be purchased in every electrical product store. Hide wires behind heavy objects or appliances such as fridge, freezer, closet, or furniture. In fact, it is a good idea to cover the outlets with different furniture pieces.

2. Place the baits through the house: In the areas where you can hide or protect the electric wires and cables, put a toy that will distract your cat attention. Choose one where you can hide some rewards to attract more your cat when it struggles to remove them.

3. Do not leave unused cable on her way: You use daily items that need to be plugged, such as laptop or mobile phone. Do not forget to pull the plug chargers when they are not in use and thus you will save electricity and also reduce the risk that your cat to chew the wires.

4. Use tape: If electrical wires hanging from a tall object, you can catch them and get them intertwined with adhesive tape on wall or a table leg. Thus, you will avoid them to swing and also they will no longer be an attraction for your cat.
How to Stop a Cat From Chewing on Wires

5. Spray the cables with an unpleasant substance: A cat won’t be attracted anymore to cables if they taste or smell unpleasant for her. You can use lavender oil, citrus juice, garlic paste, vinegar or pepper. Allow to dry thoroughly before you put the cables in place and do not use something salty because cats like the taste.

6. Use aluminum tape: Cats do not like the taste and the look of this cable that can be purchased in any hardwood store.

7. Discourage the cat as soon as you see chewing it: When you catch your pet chewing the wires, tell him firmly NO!  Also, make a loud clapping every time approaches cables. Another way to show that it is wrong is to spray some water on it, but be careful not to sprinkle into the socket.

8. Offer multiple other playing options: Encourage your cat to use toys. Cling them in many places through the house. With a little ingenuity, you can make them yourself.

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