Old Objects Give a New Life to Your Garden

Do you want your house garden to be a little more than a lush green space?

Are you dreaming of a true piece of heaven to represent you and where to really relax? Does your home need this space of tranquility and serenity?

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Then surely, besides flowers that you planted with such skill and care, you need furniture and garden ornaments.

If you really wanted to buy a new garden furniture from Home Depot, regarding the ornaments you can find a cheaper source, but no less effective in terms of aesthetics.

Have you ever thought that any old piece of furniture that you intend to throw it can become with a little work and imagination, a perfect accessory for your garden.

Your grandmother chest is so old that it got a poor wooden crate?

With a little paint, patience and imagination you can turn into a real treasure chest, decorated with colorful flowers.

How about that rusty watering can that you said you throw it, but you left it in a corner of your garden?

It can become a perfect little house for birds.

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And since we’re talking about ancient metal objects, maybe you should not also do not toss the funnel, it can become one of the most attractive hanging pots. Only you need to press well, the potting soil inside.

In the same way you can do with a kettle or a pot. But do not forget to make some holes in the bottom so that water can drain.

In addition, if you no longer like the Grandma old paintings and you want to take them off the wall, give them another chance and move them outside walls of the house. Or at least keep their frames. These may be some perfect holders for your pots. You will have thus an exhibition of a true “living nature” that will colour the walls or garden fences.

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So if you’re tired of garden gnomes, or want simply to surround them with an more joyful and nonconformist atmosphere, make a visit to your home attic and dust your “new” collection of garden ornaments.

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