Why Conservatories and Orangeries are Great in Winter

When it comes to orangeries or conservatories, we usually imagine ourselves enjoying a nice, sunny summer day, with the wide opened French doors leading onto backyard or patio area, together with your friends or family.

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Of course, this is the main meaning of adding an orangery or conservatory to your home. More than that, it is needless to mention that if you live in cold areas with short summers, you will want to extend the benefits of having a conservatory or orangery all year round. But in fact, what could be the benefits of conservatory or orangery during the cold season.

Let’s mention a few.


As the days get cooler and shorter, nights are coming faster and darker, many homeowners tend to use and enjoy the darkness. However, this does not mean that winter is the right time for hibernation.

There are festivities from Halloween, to bonfire night in UK, Thanksgiving Day in Canada and US, to Christmas and of course New Year’s. It is a holiday full season, it is the most wonderful time of the year. It provides an opportunity for each of us  to hold unforgettable gatherings and parties to celebrate this wonderful holiday season.

Having an additional area such as a conservatory is very advantageous for you, more convenient than to confine gathering with your friends inside of your home.

In addition, all conservatories have usually hard flooring. This may be tiled or wooden, and is indeed an additional bonus as clearing and cleaning up after your party will definitely be faster and easier with easy-to-clean modern tools.


Wintery days are generally dark and boring, and of course, our energy costs will increase. Fortunately, both orangeries and conservatories are mostly constructed from glass.  Of course, they will receive maximum sunlight possible. This is in many ways extremely efficient, as there is no demand to maintain additional lights on throughout the bleak winter days. To more enhance this, you may likewise opt to install diffusing glass, which makes natural light spreading out evenly around the entire area.


Many people are worried about effect that winter months could have on house bills. But this “bad” effect can be seriously diminished, even before starting the construction of these additions. Most of the conservatory building companies provides impressive and innovative technological, modern and contemporary designs that are indeed energy efficient. You should only to contact your builder to explore what are the best options. If you are concerned regarding the heating price, but you realize that it will be too frosty without any heating, then perhaps you can take in consideration a smart solution – under flooring heating. Not only does this warm up area, but you can even experience cozy feeling underfoot which is better than huddling up from a radiator!


Conservatories or Orangeries are indeed wonderful home additions that can increase a lot the curb appeal of your house and therefore its value. However, they do not simply have an aesthetic convenience to boost its aesthetic effect and your property value with, they can be also functional extensions that you and can benefit all year long.

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