Paneling a Versatile Solution for Your Home

If you are tired of old paint and your walls seem bare and dull, you can choose to overlay them with wood paneling. Although apparently considered only suitable for mountain cabins, saunas or American mansions, paneling is extremely versatile and can be both a classical and a modern option for your home.

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The wood is used for thousands of years as building material. It is durable, very varied in appearance giving a great feeling of comfort, warmth and privacy. Wood can take virtually any form in the hands of a skilled craftsman. It provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. In antiquity, the paneling was designed to provide comfort stone buildings.

Paneling is used to partially or fully cover the interior or exterior walls, and in some cases, ceiling and stairs. Paneling is available in a wide range of grit sizes, colors and patterns from natural wood or PVC. However, natural wood make any home more comfort, harmonizing it with external nature. If treated and varnished, wood can be very durable and can acquire over time a desirable antique look. Natural wood captures light in a particular way offering a pleasant feeling of warmth, romance and rustic.

Paneled walls are very easy to install and especially to maintain, providing thermal and sound insulation to any room. Moreover, paneling performs quite well in humid environment, protects walls from scratches and dirt and is easy to clean. If you install paneling on the three quarters of the wall, leaving without it just a strip of wall near the ceiling, paneling gives the impression of height. It is thus a suitable option for low rooms, especially if the wood used has a darker shade.

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If you’re not happy with a traditionalist style with sumptuous wood paneling, you can use modern and contemporary options. For a minimalist style, paneling can be painted white or other fresh colors that contrast pleasantly with walls and wooden boards can have simple or asymmetrical cuts.

Paneling installation is quite simple, similar in a way, with hardwood flooring installation  and requires virtually no experience. Panels blend  easily together, the only operations that require more attention is measurement of where the strips will be caught and their inclination to ensure a straight and accurate installation. The top and bottom of the panel will be masked with elegant skirting.

Because of its wide combination of colours and textures, whether you use exotic or domestic wood, painted or natural wood, paneling will give your house an original and sophisticated look.