Hot Trends in Home Furnishing

In the recent years, the home interior design has undergone remarkable changes. It is normal for each of us to want a comfortable house, furnished in style, but economic difficulties make people try to give a new and fresh look to their old interior design.

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However, with a little imagination and adding more comfort, bright colors and luxurious fabrics you can create a modern home with a contemporary look without spending too much. You only need to give rein to your imagination. This year everything is permitted.  The bold color combinations, exotic materials, dark or bright colors, luxurious fabrics, or traditional, all find their place in this year, creating a unique, very personal interior that is both comfortable and modern.

In fact, we can characterize this year as a liberation year, a year that brings unusual material combination and unusual, vibrant color schemes. This mixture of vivid colors, tones and shades in gray, silver, white and gold, shinning materials, lacquered surfaces give a particular aesthetic home look, characteristic of this year.

But let’s see what are the most important and distinctive home furnishing trends for this year.

Clutter-Less Living & Organized Space

“Less Mess less Stress” is the most appropriate motto for this year, 2014. It is well known what is means to have too much clutter in your home. It is time consuming and exhausting to look at.

De-cluttering your living space and organizing your stuff gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment and freedom. Cleanliness and order should be your goal every day.

Today, modern interior design requires putting emphasis on clean and straight lines and organized storage spaces. It would be ideal that all your furniture items to be provided with storage facilities such as coffee tables and ottomans with storage compartments, built in drawers under beds, etc.

Hollywood Glamour

Remember the old Hollywood movies with their fabulous and shining decors with predominant colours and shadows such as pearly white, silver, golden and brass.

Do not be afraid of rich and ornate mirrors and tufting on seats and puffed armchairs.

Metal Finishes

This Hollywood glamour is emphasized also, by the metal finishing. In this year is metal is used a lot, in a wide range of chrome, thin wire, titanium and brushed steel.

Decorative lamps and chandeliers will bring extra shine and reflections of these metal finishes.

Bold Colors & Colour Contrasts

First, avoid any fade colour without shine. Use only glossy colours such lacquered black and white that can be great for items like bed frames, mirrors and chairs.

Another colour of the year is gray, more precisely charcoal gray. You can use shades of gray in combination with different kind of materials such as wool or leather.

Purple, turquoise and reddish brown are the colours that predominate in many combinations for this year.

Natural Materials and Fabrics

We live in times of great changes. We want a clean planet and we want to reduce our carbon footprint. This ecological orientation also has an impact on home interior design. Recycling is the watchword. In fact, the trend is obvious. The furniture manufacturers use increasingly more used glass, reclaimed wood, different vintage machine parts and other materials for their products.

Luxurious Leather

Leather is one of the ancestral materials used for millennia for both clothing and furniture manufacture.

In fact, leather is one of the most versatile materials. It is durable, resistant and brings an aristocratic and elegant environment.

Leather, sofas, sectionals, ottomans or armchairs will always bring an atmosphere of opulence to any interior design.

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