Placement of Wood-to-Carpet Transition

If you think to remodel your home among other elements of your plans, you must also take into account the flooring. Of course, you will deal with various types of flooring such as ceramic tiles, carpet, linoleum or hardwood floor.

The problem that arises when working with multiple types of flooring is the transition between two different floors.

In this article, I will expose some advice regarding a transition between a wood floor and a carpet one.

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 Wood-to-Carpet Transition Considerations

You are installing hardwood flooring in the hallway, but you are not sure where to place the wooden piece that will go from your hallway (hardwood flooring) to your bedrooms, which are scheduled to be carpeted. The problem is further complicated when the transition should be made for two or more bedrooms.

You have 5-in. wide wood piece transition, which can come perpendicular to the flooring for a bedroom and parallel to the floor for another bedroom. This wood to carpet transition can also be wider than the doorway. There are several important factors that you need to take into account such as:

a) How far into your bedroom should this transition go?
b) Should the transition be exactly centered on your doorway?
c) If the doors are not installed yet, can the doorjamb sit on transition top, considering that the transition is level with the floor?

Wood-to-Carpet Transition Tips

First of all, it is good that the transition between two completely different kind of materials to be in the middle of the doorway when the door is closed.

So, with a 1 3/8-in. door you should pull back about 1 1/16-in. from the surface of the drywall.
Another option is to renounce using the 5-in. wide wooden piece and to cut a rabbet (3/8-in. tall by 5/8-in. wide) in your hardwood flooring. Tuck the carpet under the rabbet and you will have a clean, nice and perfect transition. However, a rabbet is also useful when your carpet maybe it is not as thick as the hardwood flooring.

However, there are many other ways to have a beautiful transition between two different flooring types. After all, you have a nice transition only when the door is open. You cannot notice a transition when the door is closed.

The doorjamb can sit on transition top. In fact, it is recommended. In this way, you don’t have to replace it, when you will replace your carpet with a new one.

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