How to make a comfortable winter living room

The darker and cold months of the winter are still upon us, so what’s better than sitting in your on living room, watching a good movie, lighted by candlelight?

Here, in this article you will get tips and smart ideas for decorating a cozy winter living room.

In wintertime, the living room is the one you enjoy a good time and get warm after a cold trip outside. Here, you can make yourself cozy under a fluffy blanket on the sofa with a good film, a good book and a cup of hot cocoa.

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You will find there, many great and smart decorating ideas for your home interior.

 Allow me to mention two of them:

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Comfort and coziness are therefore the main factors during the wintertime. Then you want your living room to bring your family together. In the wintertime your living rooms offers togetherness and quality time.

So, if you want to create comfortable and cozy living room, here are the tips and ideas for interior decorating.

1. Create a soft and warm environment

Your living room can be the perfect setting for rest, entertainment, and relaxation. So, it needs comfortable furniture. The sofa is, of course, is the most important piece of furniture, and if the space permit, it is a good to invest in a large and wide sectional or sofa where your whole family can gather on. Together with a chaise longue a comfy sofa offers both conversation moments and movie nights.

Also make sure that you have enough throws, pillows, and blankets, which can be easily accessed on the cold evenings. If your living room has hardwood floors, you can soften the whole decor look with the help of an area rug or a carpet.

2. The right TV for entertainment

Speaking about watching a movie in your comfy living room. A good movie night of course includes a good TV set that delivers both a good picture and a good sound.

Do you want to style the living room dΓ©cor? Make the TV part of an accent wall with large modern paintings or posters that can all contribute to comfort and coziness.

3. Add small and personal details

To create a pleasant and warm atmosphere, you can go a unique way with a personal interior decor. Decorate with trinkets and furniture pieces that have sentimental value to you and choose colors you particularly like.

Are you a passionate reader? Display some of your favorite books on the coffee table and bookshelves.

Add life and your personal touch with vases, bowls, figurines, pictures and miscellaneous.

4. Pleasant lighting for pleasant atmosphere

The right lighting in the living room is so important. It adds an incredible amount to coziness. Decorate with candles and lanterns. Also, you can use LED lights and perhaps some smaller table and wall-mounted lamps that can light up every corner of your living room.

For chandeliers, pendants, and large floor standing lamps, you can use dimmers, so that you can always stay in a pleasant, soft light.

5. Make a cozy reading corner

It is also a good idea to set up a cozy reading corner in your living room, which provides the opportunity for spending alone a lot of time in peace, solitude, meditation, and contemplation. Furnish this space with a comfy armchair, add a lamp (floor standing lamp or table lamp) and bring a lot of cushions and a warm blanket to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

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