Rug and Carpet Maintenance Tips

The Longevity Secrets of the Rugs

Some rugs look as new for years while others are deteriorating quite quickly. What is the difference between them? What makes some look for many years, like brand new and the others to deteriorate?

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Experts give us more explanations.

Resistant to traffic: The best thing is to choose a carpet that has fiber, texture and color according to the traffic where is installed and that does not take into account the frequency of vacuuming and regular cleaning. In other words, it does not change its color and appearance, no matter how hard it is the traffic.

Lining: To be good from the start, a rug must be properly installed and have a resistant lining. The most commonly used lining materials are urethane or synthetic fiber. All works well as long as they have a higher density. Rugs that do not have a high density will bend easily when walked on, leading eventually to cracks and even breaks.

Properly installation: The key to proper installation is the stretching of the carpet, which must be done carefully because otherwise can occur waves when you clean the carpet for the first time. Sometimes, they may disappear when the carpet is dry, but not always. However a re-stretching of the carpet is very expensive if wrinkles are made in the seam area.

Cleaning: Dirt on the wool rugs comes easy to washing but just as easily, they stain again. Some stains are difficult to remove or even cannot be cleaned at all. However, wool is an excellent choice for lobby or entrance hall and living room, even if these rooms know a heavy traffic. Wool is not such a good choice for kitchens where they can be easily stained.

Among synthetic fibers, polystyrene is the most difficult to clean. On the other hand, polystyrene is most resistant to stains, because these fibers do not easily accept paint and colors.

Multicolor carpets: A carpet with a light color will make small spaces appear larger, but any stain will be noticed. The best are carpets that shows a wide range of colors, a strategy applied by designers in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies.

Deterioration: You can prevent the deterioration effects through often vacuuming. For areas where the traffic is heavy, some experts recommend to do this daily. If you cannot vacuum every day, it is better to doing this at least 2 times a week.

Professional Cleaning: Even a frequent vacuuming will not remove any abrasive particles that can accumulate in carpet, but if you can call a specialist cleaning company they will have all the necessary equipment to make your carpet look like new. It’s good to do this every 6-12 months, depending on the number of people staying in the house, children and pets but also according to the carpet pattern. Thus, the lighter ones will be vacuumed more frequently.

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