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Sofa, ottomans and the coffee table are the predominant furniture pieces in every contemporary family or living room. More than that, a coffee table is often used as a dining table or as support for the remote controls of your electronic devices. In any case coffee table is the focal point of the room.

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These furniture pieces are generally the first items people try to purchase for their living room whether they buy from a furniture store or a garage sale.
Style your coffee table whether it is a piece of art, a DIY project or acquired from a thrift store. After all, you can change up easily your coffee table style as often as you change up your outfits and it is extremely important for the overall look of your room. Don’t forget a coffee table is usually the centerpiece of many contemporary homes, especially when we are speaking about of an apartment or a small house.

So, go grab a few books with beautiful covers, a candle, a small vase or a tray, and perhaps a few other small decorative objects. Place the tray and the vase on your coffee table. Place the books on the tray, the candle next to the tray, and you can set one or more small decorative objects atop the books and others beside the tray. However, like a fancy outfit, the perfection lies anytime in the detailing, so edit your coffee table decorations and accessories to a minimum.

Beautiful Coffee Tables | Decorating & Styling Ideas (part 2) (video)

You can always replace your books, add or take away some magazines, change the coasters or the tray, fill your vase with fresh flowers, adding boxes, etc … you get the idea.

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