The Right Table for Your Kitchen

There are numerous styles, shapes and sizes of table suitable for your kitchen, and also it is essential to make the appropriate choices according to the requirements and needs of your family.

This article tries to assist those seeking the ideal addition to their kitchen to make the best choice giving you many suggestions in this regard. In fact, there are four important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right table for your kitchen, such as:

1| Kitchen Size
2| Table Functionality
3| Kitchen Style
4| Materials

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In general, the space is quite limited in the kitchen and therefore you must use every inch.

You should take in consideration the size of your kitchen when you take the measurements for the kitchen table placement, and these measurements should also include the additional measurements for the table chairs, which will be also use in your calculation because these will increase significantly the overall space needed. A good idea is to draw a quick plan of the kitchen, revealing different obstacles such as walls, radiators, doorways and flooring fittings, marking down the room available. Using the plan, in the store environment, you should measure the chairs and the chosen table, to view if it will fit into your kitchen. Do not forget that any furniture piece looks wonderful in the showroom, however commonly dwarf a kitchen and also make it look quite crowded.

If your kitchen is relatively small, examine an alternative option for the kitchen table, which fold up down when you are not using it, although don’t forget to make sure when it is fully extended will fit into its kitchen space.


Think about a kitchen table as the focal point of your kitchen, what actually it is.  In fact, you are the only one who knows the future use of your kitchen table. For instance, some tables are used just for eating, while others are used also for meal preparations. Its functionality is an important factor when you choose a table. You need to ask questions regarding how easy is to clean the table surface, and if it is a solid and resistant surface. For example, your children may easily damage a kitchen table, which are not made from good quality materials that can be easily maintained.

There are many kinds of kitchen tables, which have often other functions. Many of them have cabinets for cutlery or paperwork. This is great; it might save space in other useful places in the kitchen and are worth taking in consideration how much space they can save.

Look also how it is built your chosen table, if it comes apart when you want to install it in your kitchen. Perhaps your doors and hallways are not wide enough to navigate through them with a large table. Many types have their legs that can be easily installed and come packed, while others have fixed legs that cannot be dismantled.


It is a good idea to take a picture of your kitchen before getting a table. This is will help you a lot on the market place and will allow you to color match the table to your existing fixtures as well as fittings. It is a fact that in a smaller room, darker woods make the area look somber as well as dark, whereas lighter wood colors light colors cheer up the room atmosphere, making it brighter. It is also more easier to find a style to suit your requirements if you have a picture.

Look at the table legs and also at the chair legs because it is possible that many kinds of tubular structures for tables are not that steady, as well as if manufactured with low quality materials could in fact be damaging to the flooring beneath your table. Make sure your table and chairs choice is suitable for your kitchen flooring.


Kitchen tables and chairs come in a wide range of wood surfaces, though the new contemporary tables can include also metal, melamine, glass, metal, as well as any other kinds of surfaces. Extremely important is that the materials utilized for the manufacture of the table are very good quality. Look for the most vulnerable parts such as sharper edges, and see if there are possible spots that may accumulate dirt and dust, since often brand-new tables look indeed great, but after years and years of utilization will have little areas which are prone to making the table appearance worn and also tatty.

A kitchen table as in fact, any other kind of table must be proportional in size to the size of the room, otherwise your room will look smaller than it is in reality. It is absolutely preferable to get one size smaller instead one too large that won’t fit easily into your kitchen. However, a kitchen table is a gathering place for household events, to speak to friends and family members while cooking, and also where many will sit, take their breakfast, chat and drink their morning coffee. Make sure that your option will be perfect for your kitchen, matching with the overall look and style of the room.

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