Several Tips for Home Drains

DIY Clog Removal

So you’ve got a drain clogged in your home? It can happen in any house. Any sink can get clogged. There are several reasons for that such from lodged different objects, food scraps, grease, soap residue and hair.

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However, there are some methods you could try in order to remove the clog before calling a professional plumber. In fact, you have all the stuff you need to dislodge this clog, in your house.
However prior starting, evaluate the situation: It is a full clogged drain or it is just partially blocked? If you’ve got just a partially blocked drain, you can pour a little hot water down the drain, even if the drainage is very slow. If you have a full clogged drain in your home, the water will not go down the drain at all.

Using a Plunger

If your drain is fully clogged, start using a toilet plunger. It is better than a sink plunger. You can use it for shower drain too. Fill your sink with water until about half of its capacity. If it’s about bathtub drain, just fill it several inches above your plunger.

Protect yourself, because it can be a messy job. Wear something old and ugly or cover yourself with an old towel.

A rule of thumb is to have water in your plunger before start plunging. Plunging means an energy transfer from you through the pipe, which can dislodge and move the clog. So it is important that your plunger to be full with water, otherwise most of your effort can be lost.
How to proceed:

·         Place your plunger over the drain so as to cover it completely.

·         Press and pull the plunger sequentially and rapidly for at least half a minute.

·         If you notice that water began to drain continue to plunge while adding water.

·         If water starts suddenly draining quickly, then the problem is solved.

·         However, if you notice only a slow water moving, don’t despair. Probably some stuff still stuck, your drain.  A snake or a drain opener (chemical) can be helpful in this case.

Using Hot Water

Hot water can help you decisively to dislodge and remove a clog, especially if this clog is formed by grease buildup.

However, using hot water is quite tricky. It is completely wrong to open the tap and wait for the water to become hot.At first the water will be cold enough to harden furtherthe grease clog.

The solution is to heat a large pot of water on the stove and when the water boils, pour it in your drain. Moreover, adding salt to your hot water can help to dislodge a stubborn clog.

Using Pepsi or Coke

Any kind of Soda, especially Pepsi and Coca Cola can be a reliable aid in the removal of a clog. However, they are undoubtedly better than any chemical drain opener. Pour a two-liter jug of Pepsi or Coke down the drain and wait until the liquid starts to fizz and bubble and then rinse with hot water.

Using Baking Soda, Salt and Vinegar

You can use effectively, baking soda in two mixtures:

·        Baking Soda & Vinegar: The mixture of baking soda and vinegar can give great results. This composition will act like a volcano dislodging a stubborn clog. Just sprinkle a little baking soda down the drain and pour some vinegar. Then pour some hot water.

·        Baking Soda & Salt: A mixture a baking soda, salt and hot water can make wonders. Just mix one part baking soda and salt with four parts of hot water. Let the mixture to sit for several hours before flushing your drain.

Keeping Your Drain Unclogged

Keep all the time all sinks in the house free and clean of dirt and debris. Scrape off your plates, pots and pans before rinsing and washing them in the sink.

Pour every week a mixture of baking soda & vinegar down the drain. This will keep your drain clean preventing the clog formation.

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