How to Seal an Undermount Sink under Granite or Stone Counter Top

The best option for a Granite or Stone countertop is the Undermount sink.

An Undermount sink has many advantages:

– Look stylish and sleek
– It is extremely practical – You can clean easier your countertop
– No exposed rim – No residues deposit under rim

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This undermount sink requires of course, a different installation technique than a common sink. The secret to a successful installation is a secure seal.

In fact, installation of this type of sink is very simple. Mounting clips held in place the sink. The sink is also, glued (with a special adhesive) to the counter (the underside surface).

During installation the sink is sealed to the with silicone caulk to the counter surface.

You should seal the sink very carefully, otherwise when the sink is in position, the mounting clips held the sink and the silicone is dried, it is extremely difficult to remedy something wrong.

Tools & Materials

– Cotton Cloth;
– 2 by 4 Wooden Piece;
– Denatured (Technical) Alcohol;
– Silicone Caulk;
– Bar Clamps;
– Mounting Clips;
– Putty Knife

Steps to Take:

1.     Using a piece of cloth and denatured (technical) alcohol wipe the lip of the sink and remove all dust and dirt.
2.     To support the sink, install a piece of 2 by 4 over the sinkhole. The piece of wood must overcome the opening edges at least three inches on the both sides.
3.     Carefully apply the silicone. Silicone bead must be continuously.
4.     The sink is quite heavy. Therefore, you should have someone help you. Place the Undermount sink in the counter hole.
5.     Install a bar clamp, while your helper keeps the sink in position. If you have a double sink use two bar clamps. Tighten the bar clamp and use the 2 by 4 to secure de sink, but not before adjustment, if necessary.
6.     Read the manufacturer instructions and place the mounting clips according to the instructions. It is important to tighten the mounting clips before silicone hardening.
7.     Using the putty knife, clean and remove, any excess of silicone caulk.
8.     Using a piece of cloth, wipe the working area. Allow time silicone caulk to harden before using the Undermount sink.

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