Shed – An Outbuilding that Expand Your Living Space

Outbuildings are a good way to enhance and expand your living space and home ownership experience. Having an exterior living space will increase the value of your residential property while offering you benefits and options that cannot be provided by a traditional and conventional house, regardless of its size.

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Usually, a shed is an outbuilding that is not connected to conventional electrical or plumbing service, but this can be easily done if you want to increase its utility.

If you hook up your shed to the grid, you can turn it into a nice workshop. You need just to equip it with power tools and several workbenches and your workshop is done.

You can also, turn your shed into a recreational addition, where you can spend unforgettable moments with your friends.  You need only a fridge and some pieces of furniture and your recreational escape is ready.

However, a good shed is the shed that can provide a good storage. Therefore, you need sturdy shelves and robust cabinets.

A 50-amp electrical sub-panel will be more than enough for your needs.

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Sheds come in a wide range of materials and styles.

1| Metal Sheds: Metal sheds are easy and quick to install and need almost no maintenance. They are also insect, rodent and fire resistant.

2| Plastic Sheds: In a way, plastic sheds are similar with metal sheds, requiring the same low maintenance but they are much less resistant to extreme heat and fire.

3| Wooden Sheds: Wood is a great material for sheds and cedar is one of the best. A wooden shed gives an aesthetic charm to your backyard. The beauty of a red cedar shed is incomparable not to mention that they become even more beautiful while they age.


Your shed size is determined by two important factors:

– Provincial and municipal permit regulations and laws;
– How much extra space do you need;

Of course, the size of your shed will determine its price. However, if you want to turn your shed into a recreational room, you can expect its price to double. You need to take in consideration the electrical connections and the price of insulation.


The optimal location for your shed should be close enough from the house, but not too close. You need to take in consideration the fire regulations and your comfort as well.

However, you should use your shed with caution. Fire extinguishers should be always at hand.

You will really enjoy your shed. It can be a great joy for you and your family.