How to Build Your Own Tree House

I do not think there is a country in the world that does not have at least a tree house, and if it exists then that country is must be, without trees. From tiny shacks to complex architectural beauties such as treetop observatories or castles there are a wide range of styles and designs of houses built in trees.


There are many reasons why people are excited to build a house in the tree. Many are building for their kids, for others building and manufacturing is a hobby and for many is the love for environment intertwined with a bit of childhood’ reminiscent.

Whatever your reason is, your house tree has to be strong and safe. You need a right tree and the appropriate materials. Your construction should not hinder the free movement of the tree in the windy days. If you have carpentry basic skills and motivation, you can do a great job.

1) However, before starting, check with your local authorities if there are any restrictions regarding tree houses.

2) Choose a mature tree and plan the position of the tree house. If you are making the tree house for your children, you should build your tree house close from the ground, 5 feet (1.5 m). Be sure your construction will not affect the pruning of the tree.

3) Building a good platform is critical. The platform will provide the foundation for the rest of structure and you must build a strong, level and safe platform. The platform must be closed from the trunk, supported by big branches and diagonal bracing and must be balanced equally around the tree. Try do not affect the tree, cutting the bark all the way round when you build the platform.

4) When you are sure the platform is secure, you can start the floor. There are two options. You can choose exterior plywood sheets or tongue-and-groove floorboards.

5) You can build the tree house walls in situ or if you prefer you can assemble them on the ground and then lifted into position.

6) You can proceed similar with the roof too. However if the tree branches are too thick and it is difficult to lift it into position then it is better to build the roof in situ. You can cover the roof with external plywood sheets, roofing felt and shingles.

7) For windows and doors let your imagination free. Choose whatever you like and fit.

8) It is extremely important that your house tree to have deck and railings. You can have an amazing feeling to stay in outside, above tree branches in a sunny day. However, you should build a strong and safe deck and railing.

9) The last thing is the access for your tree house. Maybe a rope ladder is more than enough if your house tree is not too far from the ground. However, you can consider spiral steps around the tree trunk with one or two landings.

10) Check everything if is secure and you can start decorate and paint your architectonic jewel.

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