Small but Big on Style Home Interiors, #4

Small on the outside, Awesome on the inside

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” couldn’t be truer, especially when it comes to small houses! After all, who has never come across a small brand-new detached house along the way and imagined how constrained it is to live there? That’s a big mistake – and the projects you’ll see in the fourth part of the video series “Small but Big on Style Home Interiors” are proof.

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Small but Big on Style Home Interiors, #4 (video)

Who stated that a small home interior couldn’t be cozy, elegant, and practical? They are possible and desirable, but for this trio to come into play, certain features must be carefully planned out at the outset of the architectural project.

Let’s see tree smart concepts:

Tips for designing a small, well-planned, comfortable home interior.

Let plenty of light in. In both large and small dwellings, natural illumination is a must, not a luxury. By the way, natural light is even more important in compact homes because it makes rooms appear larger and prevents a claustrophobic sensation. Not to mention that another crucial component of every home is ventilation, which is present anywhere there is natural light.

Style doesn’t have a certain size. Stop off assuming that a small house cannot have a unique style because of its size. Instead, because small houses are a reality in today’s cities, there are many architectural and design initiatives underway that strive to construct them. Even in a small space, you can have whatever architectural style you like.

Make a pull-out. Levels and lofts are a highly intriguing alternative to make greater use of the interior space of tiny homes, but you need a high ceiling for this. Levels and lofts provide a house with more room and are a convenient place to put a bedroom or meeting space.

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