Small but Big on Style Home Interiors, #2

Interior of a small home – smart tips

Anyone dreams of a spacious home interior furnished with elegant furniture and charmingly decorated.

But how to design a modern interior in a small home?

What to do if the existent size of your household is far from ideal and you are the owner of a small or even a tiny house?

The space zoning, the correct choice of furniture, and a clever layout can help you answer this problem.

By combining all these components, you can get a cozy home in which there is enough space for various activities. In other words, a functional living space.

In this article, I have compiled more than forty creative ideas for furnishing and decorating a small living space.

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Small but Big on Style Home Interiors, #2 (video)

You will discover here amazing furnishing and decorating ideas for small home interiors.

General questions and recommendations

In what way can you create a modern home interior so that it fits everything essential for a comfortable lifestyle and at the same time gaining bright and airy living spaces?

You need to apply two main principles:

Give up the unnecessary stuff:

You shouldn’t keep unessential stuff in a small home interior. Maybe you can renounce the gym stuff and make space for a stationary bike in the room corner instead. Rid the bulky walls, also forget huge sofas and other large items, which just take up space. And don’t forget to get rid of what you haven’t used for a long time. You will see for yourself how much free space you will have.


The same living space can be used for various reasons. Actually, for a small house – this can be the only possible Solution. Think carefully before planning on how to combine the kitchen, dining room, home office, or bedroom with the living room. Also think what is better for you – a dining area instead of a separate dining room, or where the nursery room can be set, and how to equip your home office in a way to take up as minimal space as possible.

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