Give your living room personality with decorative pillows

Decorate your living room with decorative pillows.

Is your living room décor looks old and boring?

The living room is extremely used room and can often become a dumping space for all your daily stuff. And it becomes worst as you collect more and more things as time goes. But don’t despair!

There are simple, easy, and affordable decorating solutions that can solve the problem. One of them is to decorate your living room with decorative pillows and cushions.

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Create a renewed and nuanced decorating expression.

Choose decorative pillows that do not really match the sofa color. After all, if the decorative cushions match the sofa color, it can easily lead to an overall boring décor. Therefore, it is a good idea to add decorative pillows in contrasting colors that will complement the color palette of the room. This is an effective decorating idea.

Choose carefully the color palette.

Choosing the right colors in the overall color scheme is one of the most important steps in the decorating process of your living room. Choosing your decorative pillows on the sofa based on the colors and nuances from the color palette can bring together all the room elements and help the existing colors and hues complement each other.

Arrange carefully the decorative pillows.

Generally, the number of decorative pillows you need depends on the design style of your living room. If you are more into the traditional or classic design style with deep and saturated colors and nuances, stick to an even number of decorative pillows. On the other hand, you want a more eclectic and modern design style, you should go for an odd number. It may seem unusual and quite strange to you, but it can really make an essential difference when it comes to the arrangement of decorative pillows on the living room sofa.

Consider the size of the decorative pillows.

Consider the size of your chosen decorative pillows in relation to the function they should have in the living room. For example, if they are only used as decorative accessories, the size does not mean too much, and in this case smaller is much better than large cushions. However, if you need to use the cushions as support when you relax or lie down on the sofa, it is a smart idea to choose some slightly larger and comfortable pillows.

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