How to make home repairs on an affordable budget

Tips on how to save money on home renovations.

Home renovation is typically a costly project. But, in many cases an affordable budget and a lot of creativity are enough. Anyway, firstly the renovation project must be carefully assessed. For example check if the exterior walls keep warm. Also check if the house structures are letting water in if the bathroom is moldy. In these extreme cases, there is no sense waiting and talking about economic renovations. Your home obviously needs complete renovation.

It is surely critical to require a field expert during the extensive renovations such as dealing with ventilation, electrical systems, sewage, heating, and water pipes. However, if the home interior is just dirty or worn out, even with a low budget you can give your home a new whole look.

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Painting saving tips.

Painting the ceiling and the room walls requires time and effort. Anyway, it is quite inexpensive to do all the work step by step yourself. The first saving way is to find the same color to cover the old one, because repainting in one coat instead of two is much cheaper. Another saving way is to choose good, washable paint, because the painted surface will have a longer life. In the majority of cases, glossy wall surfaces are much, much easier to care for and maintain. However, today you can also buy matte color paints in the store, which are also easy to clean. The third saving tip is careful surface preparation. A primed wall surface allows you to spend less paint. This means less money.

Wallpaper saving tips.

In general, wall painting is more affordable than wallpapering. Anyway, in some cases you can find promotional, good quality wallpaper in the store. More than that for practical reasons, you could choose a wallpaper quality that is easy to install and long lasting. The ease of installation and the longevity are both saving and smart ideas. After all, it is quite expensive to replace the wallpaper on your walls every few years. Do not forget that tile wallpaper is easy to install and durable., However, you can also choose liquid wallpaper or self-painting wallpaper. The wallpaper installation fundamentally depends on whether the glue is applied to the wallpaper or directly on the wall. If the glue is applied to the wall, the wallpapering process is much easier and many mistakes can be corrected.

Scrap prevention savings.

It’s clear that anything can happen at work, especially if you lack experience. When painting or wallpapering walls and ceilings, good home preparation is essential. Floors should be covered with kraft paper or foil, fins, switches and electrical plugs should be taped or removed,  and joints between ceilings and walls should be covered with good quality masking tape. The latter should be removed immediately after painting, as later  dried paint can come off the wall together with the tape. Omitting any of these preparatory works may require new work during the repair, which is not at all compatible with  savings.

Floor material savings.

The range of flooring offers a wide range of choices, which makes the decision difficult. Installation is a significant part of the price, so it’s worth using material that you can handle yourself. Board parquet, laminate, cork parquet and various rolled lumber are suitable for this. The most difficult is laying wooden floors, parquet and ceramic tiles. Laminate is generally one of the cheapest options, but it’s always worth checking for feedback on the quality of a particular laminate manufacturer. A popular alternative to laminate is vinyl flooring, which requires a very smooth subfloor to install. If during the repair it is also planned to solve the problem of sound insulation, preference should be given to sound-absorbing cork material. When it comes to wood, it’s important to know that cheaper wood is softer. Pine wood,  for example, tends to split easily. Whatever material you choose, treat it with care and keep it safe. All floors should be cleaned with a suitable cleaning agent. Also, sand and water on the floor, heavy furniture and heels can shorten the life of the material.

Other considerations

Save even more on repair costs. For example, ceramic tiles in a bathroom do not need to be changed if they are healthy and the room climate is favorable. Ceramic tiles are a time-consuming project and can be painted with specially designed tools, but anyone should be able to do it. Kitchen furniture can also be painted or plastered, provided it is otherwise in good condition. A glossy kitchen will become matte, and a dark kitchen will become brighter, but in addition to the painting process, it is important to pay attention to the prep work and time and patience as it is not a multi-hour job.

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