Spice Things Up with Plants!

Best tips for decorating with plants

Green lifestyle! A trendy lifestyle, which is now more popular than ever. Of course, interior design is no exception. And for good reason: indoor plants are a beautiful way to improve the look of any home interior no matter the design style. Not to mention that they are affordable and come with tons of health benefits. They also bring life, colors, and texture in the overall décor.


As houseplants become increasingly a larger part of interior design in homes and commercial buildings, one can quickly become concerned about the lack of floor space.

Fortunately, there are many clever solutions that can help you. You can simply use indoor plants as part of a wall decoration, or you can use hanging plants.


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Spice things up with plants, Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior (video)

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Start with easy to grow plants and learn over time

I know you are willing to decorate your home interior with all gorgeous plants you can find. However, do not be tempted to buy all the plants at the plant shop on your first trip.

Start small and buy a few easy to grow and care plants.

It can take time to learn and experience to care for certain houseplants.


Create contrast with different types of plants

Just one plant can sometimes look a little lonely. For a more playful and interesting décor, try adding more plants to create a beautiful contrast and movement that works in your home interior.

So, try choosing a few plants with different nuances of brown and green or try different sizes to keep your décor visually appealing and create an interesting contrast.


Match your houseplants with the rest of the decor

There are many beautiful plant species with different characteristic chromatics.

It is nothing wrong with treating your plants like any other piece of the décor.

In fact, you should match your choice of houseplants with your decorative accessories.


Make a statement with planters

Choose gorgeous ceramic planters for your houseplants.

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