How can visually enlarge a small bedroom

Design tricks that you can use.

If you live in a typical apartment building, chances are you have at least one little bedroom that appears tight and lacking in space no matter how you structure, arrange, and decorate it. While you cannot literally increase the surface area of an existing room, there are numerous design methods you may employ to at least visually enlarge the space in which you sleep.

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The tactics I’ll show you in the following give the illusion of additional space, making the little spaces in which they’re placed appear larger and more expansive. Some of these can be used in conjunction with a chromatic palette in as light a shade as feasible to visually extend a small bedroom.

Vertical storage:

Small bedrooms benefit most from wardrobes that rise to the ceiling, possibly enclosing a whole wall. Even though they are significantly larger than typical chests of drawers, full-wall cabinets often blend in with the decor, especially if they are constructed of a material that matches the color of the walls as closely as possible, has a glossy texture, or has mirrored fronts.

You have the option to add a library to your little bedroom in addition to wardrobes for storing clothing, taking up the height of a whole wall. Because you can use the library shelves to store your favorite books and small decorative items in keeping with the mood in the area, this storage unit should also serve as a decorative element. However, a bookcase that extends to the bedroom ceiling has a more important purpose: it gives the impression that the room is elevated, making it appear bigger.

Furniture with a minimalist design and without handles:

It is best to avoid choosing furniture that has multiple ornamental accents when arranging a tiny bedroom because such furniture tends to visually overpower any decor. It is preferable to pick furniture with a straightforward style, clear lines, and no extraneous decorative components. The most effective solutions for organizing small spaces are the minimalist ones without handles, with sliding doors or tip-on opening, by merely pressing the fronts.

Slim furniture with legs:

Large, heavy furniture has nothing to do with decorating small spaces because it merely weighs them down, crowds them, and exaggerates how small they already are. Since we’re talking about small bedrooms, I also advise switching out heavy nightstands with slim ones with delicate legs. And once more, I believe you should prioritize models with legs above those with the frame positioned directly on the floor if you’re wondering which bed would be able to finish the image of a tiny bedroom without burdening it too much.

Use of mirrors:

You must already be well-aware of the ornamental potential of mirrors in the field of interior design. Mirrors are frequently utilized by designers to visually enhance tiny areas in addition to their aesthetic value. Find a way to incorporate a mirror into the decor if you want a quick and easy tip to make your small bedroom appear larger. There are numerous alternatives available, including a wardrobe with mirror fronts, mirrors covering the wall at the foot of the bed, a large mirror placed in a frame in a corner, in full view, on the floor, or a giant mirror hung on a wall.

Oversized headboard:

Although a larger headboard can assist in visually enlarging a tiny bedroom, it’s important to note that not every type is appropriate for a compact space. However, as an idea, you have at least two possibilities to consider:

Replace the headboard with a vertical wooden or cushioned insert that matches the decor of the space. This can be elevated from the bed’s base to the ceiling to make it appear taller.

You can go for a larger board with a more delicate design, such as one made of wrought iron or with rounded lines, to avoid stiffening the decor. As a general rule, the chosen board should not be heavy and burden the decoration, but rather serve as a decorative accent and a tool for visual enlargement of the tiny bedroom.

Replace the lamps with wall sconces:

Another easy but effective trick is to replace traditional lamps with wall sconces or pendant-style ceiling lights installed in the bedroom’s bed area. These lighting fixtures appear to have the ability to visually increase the space by the way they emit light, and they also allow the use of bedside tables for storing other objects that you want to have at hand when you go to bed, such as glasses, a book, a glass of water, or even the TV remote control.

Large carpet, in light shades:

Although most people equate sleepers or rugs with bedroom decor, placing a small rug on the floor in front of each free end of the bed is a common practice, interior design experts propose a completely different strategy in the case of small bedrooms. To wit, if we want to visually increase a tiny bedroom, we can use a huge carpet in a light shade into the décor. Although it does not have to cover the entire floor, it must be large enough to be visible on both sides and at the foot of the bed.

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