Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #31


In this article and the newly uploaded video we continue to show you tips and smart ideas for a small apartment.

After all, living in a small flat merely means adapting to this small space in order to make the most of it. On a daily level, furnishing a small flat makes it more functional, comfortable, and frequently aesthetically beautiful. Everything is in place to gain significant square footage.

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Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #31 (video)

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The furniture is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and useful. To accomplish this, they become modular and are no longer restricted to a couch bed or an extensible table. A bench seat is installed atop discrete storage solutions, a foldaway bed flips up and blends in with a wardrobe, and a foldaway table allows you to create a pleasant workplace environment.

You can save a lot of space by using this type of furniture: a bed that comes out of the wall or the floor, a desk hidden in a cabinet, a board that comes down from the wall to serve as a table… So many options for making it easier to get the equipment you need while still concealing it when you’re not using it.


Using the ceiling height to your advantage frees up floor space. To create a functional flat, prioritize storage over wall height. A custom-made closet, a piece of furniture, or any other storage option allows you to store more items. Obviously, products at a higher level are rarely used: summer items in winter and vice versa, extra duvets, and so on.

A bookcase can also be installed straight across the entire height of a wall. It will let you keep your book collection or ornamental artefacts to decorate your flat as you see fit, and it can even house your most beautiful plants.


If the apartment that needs to be converted has a high ceiling, a mezzanine can be readily installed to save room from the bed on the floor. In an apartment, the bed takes up a lot of room; a mezzanine allows you to add a sofa, a desk, or even a closet. A raised bed with tiny storage spaces (cupboard, drawers, lockers, etc.) is also an option.


The bathroom is frequently the smallest room in the apartment, particularly in smaller apartments. To gain space and comfort on a daily basis, it is critical to optimize storage and element layout.

To maximize the use of height and save floor space in a tiny bathroom, install a shower rather than a bathtub.

Install a wall-mounted vanity unit and toilet to take things a step further. These setups will allow you to save all of the floor space while also making cleaning easy!


Bringing in light is one of the most interesting layouts for a small flat, as previously shown in our articles and videos. Natural light provides stunning views and visibly enlarges your home. It is sometimes easier to replace old windows with larger ones, but installing a skylight to spread sunlight is also an excellent alternative!

Install a glass roof instead of a barrier to boost the light of your home! This allows light to travel through space, preventing brightness loss from one room to the next.


Furnishing a tiny flat also entails optimizing the aesthetic rendering and wall color selection. To create the illusion of a larger area, use light colors such as white, light grey, or even pastels.

It’s no secret that these light colors create the illusion of more volume and finer space, but they also assist maintain light in the apartment. Darker colors can undoubtedly be used to adorn your room but use them sparingly and in modest accents to avoid overloading the space and making it look smaller. Avoid using too many patterns on the walls.


Imposing furnishings should be avoided while planning a small flat. Large, imposing pieces of furniture are rarely appropriate for small rooms. They have a big surface area and almost never fit into the available space, whilst smaller pieces of furniture will fit in more organically and harmoniously.

To organize your area, use smaller, more functional furniture!


Setting up a small flat necessitates making use of every available resource and square footage of space. Door tops, nooks, and corners… There are numerous layouts available nowadays to effectively optimize your space. Obviously, these compact and frequently unusual areas necessitate the development of custom or modular storage to make use of unexpected storage and free up room elsewhere.

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