The Charm of Small Bathrooms

No need for large volumes to create a warm and comfy atmosphere in your bathroom. A small bathroom can feel cozy and intimate, but you probably wish your bathroom were larger. Without the possibility for adding additional square feet, following some tips you can make your bathroom roomier.

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The functionality is the golden rule for small bathrooms because no matter what style you decorate your small bathroom, though, it always be a small bathroom. You need to optimize every square inch. Keep in your mind, everything, floors and walls, furniture, accessories; the choice of materials enhances the intimacy of small bathrooms.

A bathroom is a special room of your home, but the rules and theories about space enlargement apply here as every room in the house. With some tricks, and your small bathroom will seem to be larger.

1. Light: The priority is given to natural or artificial light. Lighting is an important factor in planning a bathroom. A well lit area always seems bigger. A bathroom brighter is more inviting, making the space to be more open and the walls farther apart.  A set of different points of light allow the artificial lighting to fill the gaps of natural lighting.

Consider adding additional light fixture or use higher wattage because an extra artificial lighting can be added with less space taken than installation of a new window or even a skylight.

Recessed can lighting can be installed into the ceiling and focused on any work space. Adding additional mirrors to the bathroom will also help the bath seems larger than it really is. The light will be reflected back and the bathroom will be brighter.

2. Color Palette: Color palette is a vital issue when it comes to creating the illusion of more space. The light colors will accentuate the impression of space for the wall and accessories. You have to avoid strong, exciting colors. Choose these colors for towels and accessories.

The best for background walls are the pastel tones, neutrals and white. It is absolutely amazing what you can do with the help of the color. With cool colors (blue, green, violet) you can create a sense of tranquility. Because these colors have a tendency to feel like they are receding, or backing away from you.

Cool tones are often used to paint the walls of a small room to make the room appear larger. If you’re painting a wall opposite a darker shade, it will seem more distant, creating the illusion of depth. You can create the illusion of a high ceiling by applying the same color around the edges of the ceiling (the top of the walls).

Or maybe you can install a crown molding. For the floor the best are the tiles in bright colors. Decline stone or marble floor and counters in pale shade colors. Only use marble in white or beige colors.

A floor of beige, white or grey will contribute to the effect of increased space. If you don’t want to replace the existing floor you can use a carpet in these colors. Generally speaking, choose a glossy finish paint to catch the light and to reflect back.

3. Furniture: A basic rule is: Small bathrooms require small little pieces of furniture. Pay attention how to distribute the furniture. If it is possible, try to avoid placing furniture in front of the doors, to open space.

Be sure, also to remove any plus of shelves, cabinets or accessories because otherwise, the bathroom looks too crowded. No wicker baskets and medicine cabinet. The laundry basket has to be reviewed and corrected.

You can use more innovative kinds of baskets as: a laundry basket that opens and closes like an accordion, a laundry basket in the corner or a laundry basket like a bag to carry the laundry to the laundry room. Remove the under the sink vanity cabinet and replace the sink with one with a pedestal or wall-mounted.

All the smallest pieces of furniture or unnecessary decorations and accessories can create the impression of room shrinkage. Of course you need more of them for your comfort, but the most important thing is to make your bath look and feel larger. Maybe you can use only one piece of decoration instead of lots of small ones and store whatever else you really need out of sight.

A good place for the mirror will be above the sink and it’s a good idea to consider a series of mirror arranged in an artistic way rather than one large. Trade a frosted glass door or shower door with a clear glass one or you can eliminate the shower door and can install a shower curtain that can be pushed back to one side when not in use.

4. Walls are Your Best Allies: You can take advantage of their height to install maybe a wall cabinet with lift system to hide the toilet paper, or a magazine rack, a razor holders, soap or toothbrush. You can install a metal shelf above the tub for the towels or baskets with hooks with suction cups for shampoos.

5. The Bathroom Door: You will find in hardware stores everything you need to make your bathroom a nice and comfy bathroom and you can install them on your bathroom door: towel racks, hooks.

6. Shower or Bathroom Tub: It is the biggest decision to make it but the choice is clear, shower if you are not the type of “soak”. The saved space will receive a cupboard for the storage.

Conclusion: Without the need for adding additional square feet, following these some tips, you can transform your bathroom into a little more space roomy. With a little visual magic, change colors and lighting, furniture and accessories, you can transform your bathroom into an inviting, cozy one.

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