How to Get more Space in a Small Bathroom

You have a quite small bathroom in your home, which cannot ensure the comfort and functionality that you need for your house. However, you should not despair. This article might help you. Here are some useful tips that will help you to sort and organize your bathroom.

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Use the Door Surface

If you live in a small one bedroom apartment or in a studio then you probably know how precious the bathroom space is.

You cannot hang towels where you want because you might get entangled in them. No problem. Instead of installing towel racks on the walls, install them on the bathroom door.

It is better to do this is when you have a door without glass. So, use one, two, but no more than three towel racks, installed on the entire height door. In addition, these towel racks will also help you organize your towels – face, hands and body.

Use Magnets

Today, all major manufacturers of articles for kitchen or bathroom have begun to include magnets in their product design, whether we talk about towels with magnetic corners that can be “glued” to any metallic support or magnetic strips, which can be applied cosmetics.

These magnetic strips can then be bonded to a metal surface such as a medicine cabinet. However, if your bathroom cabinets are made ​​of wood or plastic, you can attach a piece of pre-painted galvanized sheet on their inner wall.

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You don’t like metal? Then, buy a magnetic foil. It has a sticky side so you can attach to any furniture or bathroom tiles. You can keep on it all your tweezers, scissors, paper clips or other metal objects.

Think Vertically

It is sure that if you throw a glance in your bathroom, you will realize that you have a lot unused space above the shelves or cabinets. This space is generally not used because it is quite difficult to access. However, you can easily solve this inconvenience if you invest in a small ladder.

So, use the entire height of the wall and add a row of shelves even above the bathtub. Use the new created spaces as storage for things that you rarely use, such as soap and toilet paper reserve, cleaning products, bath salt etc.

Also take advantage of the space under and above the sink. If you don’t have a sink with cabinet and drawers, then you can improvise quickly and inexpensively. Buy a wicker basket or a simple shelf and use it to hold towels or hand soap. Above the sink, install a narrow shelf for toothbrush and toothpaste. If you are bothered by the fact that you sit in front of the mirror, buy a mirror fitted with rear cabinet.

Using these simple tips you can create more space in your bathroom, making your home more comfortably.

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