Tips for Storing or Collecting Books

Everyone has a hobby, large or small, expensive or cheap. We offer them a lot of time and part of our lives and even from our home space.

Of course, the preferences are various. Some of us fish, others go to every game of their favorite football team and many of us collect objects that have sentimental, historic, artistic or material value.

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Stamps, postcards, matches boxes, caps from absolutely all bottles of beer in the world, models of airplanes, models of cars or even cars, etc. are just some of the items that can be collected. Depending on the items you collect, it happens to need special conditions for their exposure. However, if the stamps are kept in binders and albums in the rare book case, we need something more than bookcases and shelves.

Tips for Storing or Collecting Books

Books – The more ancient the more demanding when it comes to collecting them. Pages and covers of old books may be damaged very easily under the influence of environmental factors. Therefore, the home of a book collector must be protected from spatter, fungi and mold.

Do not store your books in the basement, which is prone to moisture and frost, but neither in the attic or loft, where in the summer it can be reached high temperatures, especially if the roof is metallic. Books, especially old books, should benefit from a dry, clean room with a constant ambient temperature.

In the rooms in which you display or store books is ideal to ensure a temperature in the range of 16-19 degrees Celsius (61 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit) and relative humidity in the range of 45-60%. It is not allowed under any circumstances, higher humidity, which could lead to mold and damage of these precious volumes.

For measuring and controlling these factors (temperature and humidity), you can use a thermostat and a hygrometer.

Another extremely important factor that you must consider is the sunlight. Old books are sensitive to sunlight, so you have to protect them with thick blackout curtains.

Keeping and Maintaining Your Books

You should periodically wipe books from dust because it is a food source for mold, maggots or bed bugs. For this operation, you can use a soft brush and a soft cloth.

If you expose a very valuable and old book, put a dome of glass or Plexiglas over it.

Books can attract mice and various insects, so it is absolutely necessary to disinfect your house.

And to expose them as well, all you have to do is to choose a classic, massive, sumptuous furniture in the sober colors of mahogany or walnut.

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