How to Create Your Own Library in Your Home

If you love to spend enjoyable hours reading, creating a library for you and your family would be a good idea. I quote the words of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson; “I cannot live without books”.

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Follow some easy steps and you can create a quiet and cozy place where you can relax reading a favorite book.

1. First of all, meet with your family and tell them about your idea. Decide together what room is the most appropriate for your project. In fact, with some exceptions, every room can be used for your project.  You need natural light for reading but not too much sunlight that can harm the books. Avoid basements or attics because of their excessive humidity.
So, you need a space with moderate natural light, where you can store your books and enough room for some seats, or maybe some comfy armchairs. In fact, you don’t need a place as large as your local public library.

2. A good organization and having some basic rules for every family member is essential. However, when you are selecting the books make sure that every family member will find his favorite book in the library. Having books for all ages is a good idea. The little one will be happy to find their coloring books in your collection. It is a great way to open them the taste for reading.

3. If you are an organized person maybe you prefer to order your books. There are different ways to organize a collection such as chronological, read and unread or maybe by color or size. There are also online programs that allow you to catalog books.

4. Next step is the library furniture. Of course you need bookshelves and how I mentioned above a few comfy seats. Bookshelves or bookcases can be found in a wide variety of sizes and colors. A good idea is to have a desk or a book-stand, just in case you read a big tom. A coffee table near your reading seat where you can keep your cup of tea can complete the décor.

5. A properly lighting will make you to enjoy every moment. When choose a lamp look for one that helps you to see easily the smallest text. The light should come from behind and from above you and bright enough for a good reading.

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