The Best Ways to Refinish Your Deck

A deck attached to your home is indeed a large and quite expensive addition to any property but can become a valuable investment that increases the total value of your home.

You can also turn an expensive investment, which is a deck, into a valuable addition to your home, if you are using the most appropriate and best methods of refinishing.

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However, before doing that, it is wise to make an honest assessment of the particular processes and needs that your deck might require. This is very important, because otherwise you might not use the most appropriate and best ways to the particular characteristics and needs of your deck. I am referring here, to the tools that you need for this job and the use of the right chemicals, to provide your deck a better protection for a long time.

Refinishing your home deck could be a quite difficult task if you have been neglected for a long period of time its maintenance.

1| The first step is to wash it using a power washer and chemicals that have in the composition an anti-fungal component and wood brightener. This process helps to remove the most part of the stains and also to whiten the wood look. If your deck does not have stubborn stains then perhaps, this first step is enough and it is no need to sand the wood.

2| After completing the power washing allow between 24 and 36 hours for your deck to dry completely before moving to the next step.

3| If only several dirty spots and stains remain after the power washing, you need only to sand slightly these damaged areas using a fine grit paper. However, if the damage areas are widespread you should use a professional sander if you want to complete the task.

4| Use a professional vacuum shop to remove the dust and debris. Then, use soft cloths and wipe the remaining dust.

5| Apply a deep penetrating sealer that will protect the wood. You can apply the sealer using a roller or a lamb’s wool. If you use a roller, choose one for rough surfaces. These ways are in fact, the best ways if you want your sealer to be applied evenly on the deck surface.

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