Transform Your Rental Apartment into Your Home

Even if it is something temporary, a rental apartment should be your home as long you will live there. In fact, your home should always be where you live and you can easily create the atmosphere of a welcoming home with little perseverance and imagination. If you are determined to invest some money and time, you can improve greatly the appearance of a boring rental apartment.

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Contemporary Rental Apartment

Let’s see together several tips:

1. Eliminate the Clutter

Generally, a rental apartment is not too spacious and living in it can be quite tight. This living space seems to be more limited if you always have to deal with a constant mess.

Too much stuff gathered in a small space and clutter make the apartment cramped, unwelcoming and give you a fatigue feeling.

Therefore, the best idea is to throw out all the stuff that is neither useful nor decorative. You can deposit it in a storage if this stuff has some value to you.

Try to consider all options to create more free space. Take advantage of wall vertical space. Install shelves wherever possible. Keep an open space in the middle of a room.

In bedrooms, you can use the free space from under the bed. Store your small stuff in plastic boxes. The most important is to keep order and cleanliness at all times.

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2. Modern & Practical Stuff

Moving to a new location seems to be the right time for some new stuff, such as furniture or decoration items. In fact, you can invest in you without moving. You do not have to invest too much to have a modern home with a welcoming atmosphere.

Give vent to your imagination and choose furniture that fits with the overall look of the apartment. Keep your valuable furniture and try to find furniture pieces that can complement the ensemble. Adopting an eclectic style will allow you a wide range of options. Avoid too stylized or too trendy styles. They change rapidly according to fashion.

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3. Light It Up

Generally, rental apartments are typical with a few differences that make them noticed. The same rule applies to lighting. Usually a simple light fixture or a bulb in a corner is all in terms of lighting.

Adequate lighting will make the room seem more spacious. Using table lamps or floor lamps, you can create spaces for reading or relaxing.

Change your old and ugly ceiling fixture with a nice contemporary fixture, and all ambient will improve.

4. Add a Dramatic Splash of Color

Generally, is prohibited by “Residential Tenancy Agreement” to change the wall color. However, there are many other ways to bring a bit of drama in your apartment.

A hint of color here and there will greatly improve the appearance of your apartment. You can use a piece of foam board covered with a colorful piece of fabric. Use mirrors or plastic art deco. There are countless solutions.

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