Tour of a Cozy Two-Bedroom Apartment on a Budget


Nice and airy two-bedroom apartment with an attractive, cozy interior. Furnished and decorated on a budget.

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Tour of a Cozy Two-Bedroom Apartment on a Budget (video)

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Watch the newly uploaded video from our YouTube channel.

Despite the small size and the inexpensive design, the apartment is comfortable and pleasant to the eye.

The total usable area is 796 sq ft or 74 sq m.

Located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, the apartment building is nestled in the middle of green surroundings.

Second floor with a bright, glazed balcony.

Walls painted in a brilliant white make the space look larger than it really is.

Laminate flooring and tile flooring in a soft beige nuance throughout the space.

Everywhere from the entrance hallway to the bedrooms you can find spacious closets with a lot of storage space.

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to get inside. The open space that brings together the kitchen area, dining area, and a small living area is compact with a small gas burning fireplace.

The white walls and beige color of the flooring create a perfect background for the furniture and decorative elements in vivid, bright colors.

Just have a look at the lovely dining area with a wooden table with metal legs and four black and red chairs.

One comfortable master bedroom in the same color palette and with the same color accents as the living/dining/kitchen area.

The other bedroom is in fact, a multi-functional space with a futon and a small working space.

The small balcony is enclosed and beautifully furnished and decorated.

The bathroom is small but functional with a shower cabin.

Galley kitchen with white cabinets, white backsplash, and black countertop.

Indeed, a beautiful small apartment.

Let’s see here, three of them:

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