Tips and ideas for choosing a water heater

Water heater – an inevitable necessity.

A water heater is a fundamental requirement in any private home, cottage or flat that has its own heating system. It’s true that it might not appear necessary at first, and it is simple to determine which heater is required in a certain situation.

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There is a huge variety of water heaters available on the market. When selecting these water heating devices, there are several important factors to take into account in addition to the various brands and pricing. So, let’s take a quick look at the many types, capacities, and mounting features that may be found in boilers.

Types of water heaters

Electric, combination, instantaneous, or high-speed water heaters are the most often installed types in homes. The sort of boiler you choose will depend on the home heating system you utilize.

When a home has just electric heating, such as heat pumps, an electric boiler is typically built.

When a separate heating boiler is built in the home, a combined water heater is typically integrated as well. It is a popular option for private homes and cottages.

Only when water is being used, the quick heater instantly prepares hot water. Because of its limited capacity, the food it often cooks are only adequate for 1-2 people, making it unsuitable for a big family.

A gas or wood boiler goes great with a high-speed heater. The boiler’s potent heat exchanger uses the heating boiler’s own energy to quickly prepare hot water.

The capacity of a water heater

One of the most crucial factors to consider while deciding on the kind of boiler is the heater’s capacity. These two factors can occasionally be related to one another and aid in deciding between two options. The number of family members and the number of hot water consumption points have a significant impact on the heater’s capacity. A 100–200 l boiler, for instance, is thought to be adequate for a household of 3–5 persons. But it also depends on whether there are one or two bathrooms in the home, a bath, and a shower, etc.

Horizontal and vertical boilers

Boilers can be vertical or horizontal. The most common and frequently selected are vertical. However, horizontal ones are occasionally installed as well because of the necessity for space. It is crucial to note that the hot water in them cools down more quickly than in a vertical water heater, therefore when selecting this style of boiler, you should choose a slightly bigger capacity for the corresponding number of people.

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