Turn Your Home Attic into a Bedroom

Attic is probably, the area of the house with the strongest symbolism. Usually people associate it with a mysterious place, full of secrets, a huge playground, a storage place for old stuff or a place that inspires fear and cold. Your home attic is actually, an extremely versatile space of the house, with a decorative potential usually, too little exploited.

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When a family is expanding and needs more space, the next step is to move into a larger home or build a home addition. A better and cheaper alternative would be to turn the attic space into a bedroom, or even in two.

Although they can be perceived as mysterious spaces, attics can accommodate, very welcoming bedrooms, if space is carefully prepared and decorated with great care. Attic is an atypical room due to the unusual shape of the roof and the positioning of the windows. This presents both advantages and disadvantages in terms of interior design.

What should you do to create a comfortable bedroom in the attic?
First, insulate the attic and make sure the windows are sealed and of good quality. For added comfort and warmth, choose solid wood flooring, paneling and thick and fluffy carpets.

Take advantage of attic exposed beams that will give a romantic, cozy and warm feeling to your bedroom.

Light: Usually, attic is not getting too much light because of the small number of windows. Therefore, walls should be painted in bright colors such as cream, yellow and green shades. In addition, make sure you have enough lighting fixtures placed in the dark areas of the room. The atypical architecture of the walls and ceiling will create angles making the light to reflect in an interesting way. Thus, you can play with different types of spotlights and lamps to create a warm and nice atmosphere.

Furniture: Place the bed in front of the window or skylight, especially if it is on the ceiling and can offer a great view, both day and night. If your attic is very small, orient yourself to a configuration space-saving furniture. For example, choose a suspended bed that offers the possibility of installing a desk under it.

Or you can opt for a bed with a large platform, which has incorporates cabinets underneath or even an original library with shelves for books at your fingertips when you want to read lying in bed. If you have no perpendicular wall, choose to make a wardrobe that will mold perfectly on the inclination angle of the wall.

Conclusion: House’s attic is a goldmine when it comes to interior design, because it allows you to be creative and put your most ingenious ideas into practice. An attic bedroom brings you a little closer to the stars, where you can refuel at night with inspiration and dreaming.

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