Turning Your Home Attic into Living Space? Things to Know

Attic conversion could be the solution you need to increase the space of the house, when you feel like it has become too small or when you simply want an extra room. You can turn your attic into a bedroom, a guest room, an office, a sitting room or even a bathroom.

Before you decide which will be the destination of the new space and invest in this remodeling of your home, you should pay attention to the feasibility of the project. Let’s see several aspects you should take them into consideration before you start working.

How is the access?

Access to the attic should be achieved through a permanent and solid stairway, not trough a temporary or a folding attic ladder. If you currently use these kinds of ladder to get in the attic, you have to invest in a solid stairway to allow you easy and continuous access. In this regard, access to the attic room will be provided at least with a free space of approximately 18 square meters (194 square foot) to allow the placement and installation of the stairs.

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Is the attic floor sturdy enough?

It is essential to check if the attic floor is sturdy and support the total weight of your new addition. So you need a professional to check your home structure resistance and to tell you if you need some kind of reinforcement.

Has the space of the attic a reasonable height?

The living space of an attic is limited by beams and the roof shape (usually a sloping roof), which can reduce pretty much the available space. Also, you should take in consideration the wall isolation, which will shrink again the remaining space.

Has your attic enough natural light?

If natural light does not penetrate far enough into your attic, you need to consider the possibility of installing a skylight or a dormer to dormer to have enough natural light for your new living space.

How to maintain an optimal temperature in the attic?

Usually attics get hot in summer and very cold in winter. Therefore, to make a habitable attic you will need to install a separate heating – cooling system of the house or to extend the old one.

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