Wallpaper – The Wall Fashionable Clothing

Wallpaper has become over time a significant decoration, sometimes an essential element arrangement and not just a “dress” of the walls, near unnoticed.

If you choose the arrangement of a room with wallpaper, you will have the pleasant surprise to find that the material, patterns, colors and shapes of the wallpaper play a very important role in the radical change of the entire ambient.  A good chosen wallpaper can change the proportion of a room and improve greatly its look.

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A light shade wallpaper can make a room looks larger while a wallpaper with large patterns will reduce the space giving it a nice, cozy and warm feeling. Just as with clothes, horizontal stripes give the impression of a longer room and the vertical ones make a room looks higher. You have to pay attention when buying curtains, drapes and carpet, to be in harmony with your new wallpaper, not to exclude or to eclipse each other.

What Are The New Trends?

Models generous, refined surfaces, colors and mixes and individual ways of decoration are just some of the features of a wallpaper, which is today, part of the latest design and model interior.

1| Colours: Light beige, violet or purple – all these colours and shades are the most popular at the moment.  Background and decorations do not constitute a very high contrast, but have a soothing effect.Green, yellow or coral are colors that fit in youth homes.

2| Patterns: Baroque style ornaments or “Paiseley” designs are still in vogue. Floral patterns are generous and are found most often on a dark background.

3| Surfaces: Wallpaper surfaces have become increasingly complex. On the wallpaper surfaces you can find small glass beads, shells, feathers or pieces of expensive woods. You can find wallpaper made of bamboo, jute, cane, sisal or leaves in many colors and shades.

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Wallpaper and the Type of Materials

Perhaps the hardest thing is to choose the most suitable wallpaper for your home, because wallpaper comes in a wide range of designs and materials. Let’s see just some of the wallpaper types to choose from:

1| Natural Fibers: The classic material for wallpaper is coarse fibers. This type of wallpaper is processed very easy, has a very good price, is easy to care for and does not affect the environment. In the past this material was usually used as decoration for shop windows, but today enjoys a great popularity.

2| Paper Wallpaper: Paper wallpaper has a three-dimensional model that stands in relief. The surface is colored paper, consists of cellulose and can be used easily as a basis for painting. This type of wallpaper is more expensive but does not require a large amount of adhesive to be applied.

3| Wallpaper with Patterns: This wallpaper is made also from the paper and on the market there are more than 30,000 kinds of models. Wallpaper surface is painted or printed with various designs, which – as in the case of clothing – goes out of style or come back in high trend after several decades. Besides color, the model can have a great influence on the entire room. Thus smaller patterns make your seems larger while larger patterns make the space seem smaller.

4| Wool Tapestry: Wool tapestry features are: a soft surface, stability and easy processing. This type of wallpaper resist very well to bright light can hide wall imperfections and let it breathe.

5| Vinyl Wallpaper: This type of wallpaper is the easiest to clean and maintain. Therefore, it is best for the kitchen or bathroom walls. However, vinyl material is not healthy. Research has proven that can trigger allergies, can weaken the immune system.