Way to Fix Peeling Paint on Latex Painted Drywall

When paint peels from painted drywall walls, it leaves the surface looking unsightly. Paint can peel from a wall due to moisture exposure, sunlight or simply with age. However, the most common reason is because the surface wasn’t properly prepared before it was painted.

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For example, if the painted, plaster wall was first covered with a glossy type of paint, for example, and it wasn’t roughened up, then the next layer of paint may not adhere to it properly.

Removing this paint from drywall provides a unique challenge because the drywall is relatively soft.

You cannot use strong methods such as power washer, metal scrapers or heat guns without damaging the surface. Fortunately, the problem is simple to fix, but will require intensive and careful labor job.

1/ Lay a tarp on the floor to catch faint flakes.

2/ Using a scraper or 100-grit sandpaper, remove any loose, cracked, or peeling paint from the damaged area. Use gentle pressure to leave the fewest possible number of scrapes and gouges in the drywall. Remove any dust or debris from the area with a water-dampened rag.

3/ Using a putty knife, apply a thin layer of patching material to the damaged area. Allow it to dry. This step will fill in the dips and dents left by removing the peeling paint.

4/ Re-sand the area with 220-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface. This will help to smooth the surface, and it will also remove any high spots.

TIP: If shrinking of the patching material occurs, lightly sand and clean the area and apply additional layers of patching material as needed.

5/ You will need to wipe the walls down with a clean, damp cloth in order to remove the drywall dust. Rinse the cloth out often in a bucket of clean tap water.

6/ Apply primer to the repaired area and paint it to match the undamaged portions of the wall.

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