Ways to do Your Home Chores Easier

Easier way to ironing

Using spray starch will get your cottons extra crisp. To avoid this situation spray the fabric then let it stay for a few minutes. This way the starch will be absorbed into the garment; you will not have a messy build-up on your iron sole plate.

How to clean your metal candlesticks

To remove the melted wax from your metal candlesticks rub off as much as possible with your fingertips, then put them in a dishpan and run hot water over. The wax will melt off.

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How to stop your shower curtain to stick to you instead of your tub

If when you take your shower your curtain is stick to you, what you can do is to fill a spray bottle with water and add one-tablespoon fabric softener. Spray the liner just before you shower. The ingredients in the softener reduce static electricity, so the lining will not stick to you anymore.

The easy way to peel a lot of veggie

If you got a party and you have to peel a lot of potatoes and carrots for your big dinner, there is an easy way to do it. It is convenient to do it in your sink. To make it easy, line the empty sink with newspaper. After you finished your peeling, simply remove the newspaper and its contents and put it in your trashcan.

How to clean faux flowers

Your faux flowers can collect dust. Their delicate petals make the job difficult. The easy way to do is to use your blow dryer. Set your blower on cool and the lowest fan speed; just aim it at the flowers. The breeze will blow away all dust.

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