When is a good time to start building an outdoor kitchen?

For outdoor works wait until the temperature is steadily above zero.

After a long and cold winter, any homeowner would like to start outside construction work doing repairs as soon as possible. Nevertheless, for good outdoor concrete works, you should wait until the temperature remains above zero or you must use winter methods.

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The worst combination for building something outside is sun and wind.

There is no need to start your construction quickly at the beginning of spring. Just several warm days doesn’t mean that you will have beautiful and constant weather. The existing weather can be deceiving, because during the night you can have temperatures below zero. However, unpredictable weather is a good test for concrete work. A construction worker is more careless when it gets warm. In spring the ground is frigid and during the night cold is intensified. The water freezing from the concrete structure will break your work. So, the concrete surface layer begins to flake off. The result is both structurally and visually – ugly and unpleasant work.

A suspended concrete construction needs inspection.

Usually, a new construction season starts late in the spring. Why? Because weather permits and also in winter, all outdoor concrete works are more expensive. They need more energy to heat materials and water when making concrete. The construction worker must also protect the concrete structures during the cold nights. Therefore, if it is possible, you should wait for warmer weather. There are, anyway, fewer risks.”

So, in conclusion, it is advisable for a small construction project to wait until the weather permits. To build an outbuilding such an garden post or outdoor kitchen, even if spring is in the air with every day. It is wise to wait until the freezing temperatures have passed. It is much more affordable and also easier to start building.

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