Outdoor Grilling – Charcoal vs. Gas

For those who do occasional barbecues in the summer but also for those who are true masters of grills, whether they are indoor grills or outdoor ones, the question is clear: What do you prefer, grill on charcoal or on propane?

Especially, when we’re talking about outdoor grilling, which actually is a religion for most of us, opinions are divided. There are many who prefer gas grills, but in the same time there are many who prefer charcoal grilling.

The right grill for you actually depends on your personal preferences and your lifestyle.

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Gas Grill

Gas grill is by far the most convenient way to prepare a steak memorable, even outdoors. You only need a grill and a gas cylinder, or maybe you have a natural gas connection, plus do not forget the fresh meat and vegetables.

Through the simple push of a button or opening a gas valve, you have a quickly and easily controllable heat source, which will help in the preparation of various dishes, given that each type of meat has its own cooking time. For example, the chicken will cook faster than beef or pork and vegetables faster than even chicken. Gas grills are also versatile. You can cook vegetables and steaks or burgers while heating buns without any problem.

Fast ignition, only a twist of a knob, and the fact that you are exempt from lighters, boxes of matches, gathering of sticks and paper to start the fire to gird coal (then you have to wait a while) are advantages of gas grill.

Also cleaning the gas grill is very easy. You only need a wire brush and a big flame to burn the grease.

Charcoal Grill

While gas grills provide convenience and ease, and more than that, gas grill supporters claim that is no difference in flavor and taste, the charcoal grill lovers disagree completely.

Charcoal grill remains a favorite of many of us, considering that’s the only that provides the perfect combination of tastes and mostly all the ingredients that give the specific tasty smoked barbecue. The coal warmth wraps the meat in a perfect crust, smoked and crispy.

Indeed, the charcoal grill requires more attention, take more time until coals get hot and the heat source is not necessarily uniform and much less controllable, but it will help a lot if you do not fill up the grill with meat. It is better to leave empty spaces, so at first, to cook the meat in the middle of the grill, where the temperature is higher and then you can move it to the edge of the grill.


So in conclusion, it’s pretty hard to come to a conclusion on which of the two methods is preferable, opinions are divided, especially since each method has advantages and disadvantages.

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